22Miles Announces Protection-as-a-Service Solutions to Meet Global Challenges

The technology company focuses on a suite of interconnected software and features that address business continuity, wellness, and public safety.

Milpitas, CA – July 14, 202022Miles, a global leader in experiential 3D wayfinding and digital signage technology, announce the release of their full suite of Protection-as-a-Service™ (PaaS) solutions. Developed to be a series of integrated technology features and capabilities as part of a customizable software platform created to address viral pandemics and the evolving safety measures of social distancing, PaaS features a growing number of options for businesses and organizations spanning key markets.

22Miles’ PublisherPro Software was built on a flexible and expandable platform to power experiential digital signage and interactive wayfinding. This provided 22Miles with an agile and responsive approach to the quickly evolving technology needs of communities globally throughout the pandemic. PaaS was born of the company’s ongoing initiatives to support multiple markets including healthcare, retail, organizational, education, airport, government, and large venues.

With additional solutions forthcoming throughout 2020 and 2021, the first wave of PaaS offerings includes:

TempDefend – Engineered as a customizable, “Plug-and-Play” thermo-sensing digital signage communication and direction tool, TempDefend couples advanced camera hardware, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms for existing or new digital signage displays.

Touchless Touch | Voice Activation & Control – Touchless Touch creates a fully interactive, touch-free user experience using 22Miles’ Voice Activation/Recognition & Control capabilities. A component of the digital signage solution, Touchless Touch can be integrated into any kiosk or signage application to provide touch-free accessibility and wayfinding – an increasingly important new communication tool in a COVID-impacted world.

Secure Mobile Control (SMC)- Control any digital device using any OS with a QR code scan (network required) on a mobile device and control from the web browser, with no application to download or install. SMC easily enables remote interaction through a secure mouse pad and onscreen keyboard. Coupled with Touchless Touch, SMC eliminates the hygiene risks associated with touching and physically interacting with screens.

Digital Notifications Suite – A desktop digital notification solution designed to keep remote and distributed workforces aware of all company announcements, news, and other live information in real-time. Administrators can easily install the software across multiple remote devices and make quick changes, transmit to widget or screensaver modes, or update information daily.

22Miles EVP Tomer Mann commented, “Much of the world and the U.S has not fully realized the challenges of trying to navigate through a pandemic-impacted world. Our ongoing software development allowed us to swiftly pivot and deliver highly impactful solutions to help companies traversing this new reality. We saw a need for purpose-built technology for current and future public safety applications. PaaS brings it all together in one package, adding relevant features to our existing suite of digital capabilities and expanding the solution for agile workplaces and public facilities.”

Many of the solutions in the PaaS suite are affordably and competitively priced, reinforcing 22Miles’ reputation in the industry as a company dedicated to public service and tools designed specifically for the user.

“Establishing a new normal ultimately entails re-building public confidence and peace of mind,” Mann added. “People need to feel safe when they are shopping, going to work, getting on a bus or a plane, or attending meetings and social events. Solutions like PaaS allow businesses, employers, and end users to be able to get back to their lives while limiting their worries about basic safety and health. It is very satisfying for us as a company to play a role in that, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.”

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