22Miles Delivers First of a Suite of Protection-as-a-Service Digital Signage Solutions to Support a Safe Return to Work

TempDefend delivers contactless communication capabilities for safe building management with thermo-sensing technology, voice activation, interface customization, and machine learning

Milpitas, CA – June 18, 2020, 9:00 AM ET22Miles, a global leader in experiential 3D wayfinding and digital signage technology, launches the industry’s first Protection-as-a-Service™ (PaaS) solution. As stay-at-home orders ease around the world, digital signage will explode with the need for distanced communication to aid in public health management and mitigation. 22Miles created TempDefend™ as a protective digital signage communication and direction tool, providing a building’s first point of communication and management in the prevention of viral spread. Using 22Miles’s thermo-sensing technology, TempDefend couples advanced camera hardware, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms for existing or new digital signage displays.

Delivering a plug-and-play solution for contactless communication that can be easily deployed at a building entrance or at interior building checkpoints in offices, retail stores, universities, medical facilities, transportation, and other spaces, TempDefend provides instruction and key information to manage access and navigation while implementing procedures for the health and safety of everyone. The process is touch-free: TempDefend delivers voice instructions to direct individuals into a camera frame, allowing the thermal sensor technology to scan their temperature from up to four feet away.

The temperature reading is then used in a workflow suited to the organization’s needs, including access control integration, video calling with reception, data analysis and notification, or even facial recognition. If an elevated temperature of 99.5 degrees or higher is detected, TempDefend will initiate the response sequence, such as rejecting building access, prompting a video call, suggesting a face mask, or providing other instructions. On the backend, building operators can view data in a live, thermal, or LED view to make informed decisions within seconds.

TempDefend is the first digital signage solution to use contactless, thermal protection that can be easily integrated into any existing display or kiosk, or purchased as a complete software, screen, and mount system of software, screen and mount, that relies on US-based manufacturing and technology vendors, such as Intel for its Intel Real Sense Camera and FLIR for its thermal sensor technology, with competitive pricing and deep customization capabilities.

“As states begin to slowly reopen nationwide and monitor the numbers, this is a tricky time for organizations. State and local governments are still dealing with the pandemic, and a huge component of establishing a new normal is confidence and safety,” said 22Miles EVP Tomer Mann. “People need to feel safe when they are shopping, going to work, getting on a bus or a plane, or attending meetings and events. TempDefend is the ideal plug-and-play solution that will allow businesses and employers to maintain safety and rebuild consumer and employee confidence as restrictions come to an end,” Mann concluded.

With the 22Miles Publisher Pro Content Management System (CMS), users can customize the workflow, instructions, and commands of TempDefend to suit their needs, and also utilize existing 3rd party API extensions. The system can also provide data analysis to suit operational, compliance, HR, legal, or other requirements.

TempDefend is priced competitively, starting at $2,000 with options including an optional kiosk, pre-loaded messages, motion detector camera, or the virtual receptionist software. Orders can be placed for availability within two to four weeks, or as little as one week if using existing hardware.

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