22Miles Announces Distribution Partnership with ecoPUK

The visual communications industry leader is now the exclusive global distributor for ecoPUK’s sustainable room signage solution

Peachtree Corners, GA – October 13, 2022 22Miles, a leader in experiential 3D wayfinding and digital signage technology, today announces its exclusive global distribution partnership with ecoPUK, the creator of the “Sustainably Smarter Signage” solution. Amid growing customer demands for streamlined enterprise visual communications that prioritize both sustainability and employee experience, the partnership between ecoPUK and 22Miles is both natural and timely.

In flexible workspaces, employees need the ability to reserve and locate rooms and hot desks, check into reserved spaces, incorporate remote collaborators into meetings, and access technical support quickly and easily. While always-on digital room signage meets that need, it carries a significant cost in terms of both initial purchase price and energy usage over its three-to-five-year lifespan. ecoPUK offers a sustainable alternative to traditional room signage that can last up to a decade.

Manufactured from sustainable materials such as bamboo or recycled acrylic, ecoPUK panels are laser-engraved with custom branding and a QR code. They are also equipped with an NFC tag. When powered by the 22Miles content management system (CMS), these static panels enable instant access to dynamic experiences on personal mobile devices. With a simple tap or scan, users can access a browser-based or custom native app to:

  • Check room availability and resources.
  • Reserve a space.
  • Send meeting invitations to colleagues, including videoconferencing information for remote participants.
  • Automatically check in to a reserved space via SSO/AD integration.
  • Make tech support inquiries in real time.

The 22Miles CMS has an intuitive backend and user interface for easy updates and programming. It features native integrations with Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Office 365, G Suite and Exchange. Users can also access the 22Miles industry-leading mobile 3D wayfinding solution to guide them to their reserved space. System administrators can monitor space usage and instantly update content from the unified backend.

“Many of our enterprise customers are passionately committed to reducing their carbon footprint,” say Tomer Mann, chief revenue officer for 22Miles. “At the same time, they’re facing the need to modernize the office for hybrid work. This partnership allows us to serve two needs that are otherwise in conflict.”

The partnership was inspired by a Fortune 500 client with a Net Zero Carbon Footprint commitment. This year, 22Miles and ecoPUK installed nearly 500 signs as a proof of concept. The customer swiftly ordered 250 more, expanding the project to encompass both U.S. and EU offices, with potential to incorporate another 6,000 across their global offices. For this project, panels are deployed both outside rooms for space reservations, and inside rooms for digital help guides, videos and instant help desk access. This continuously expanding project demonstrates that ecoPUK panels, powered by the 22Miles CMS, can provide a multifunctional digital experience alongside significant cost and energy savings.

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