Abode Introduces Retrofit Smart Door Lock, Unlocking New Smart Home Security Experiences

February 1, 2024 – 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET – Abode Systems, the leading provider of DIY smart home security solutions, today announces the launch and availability of the Abode Lock. This simple-to-install device transforms any latch-style deadbolt into a smart lock and provides users with a reliable way to fully integrate the most critical entrances to the home into Abode’s robust smart home ecosystem. The launch includes the Abode Lock and a Bluetooth-connected keypad, offering advanced security at an accessible price.

Designed as a retrofit solution that completely bypasses the need to change out complicated door hardware, this Wi-Fi-enabled lock is compatible with all standard deadbolts to ensure easy installation and universal adaptability. By directly integrating with the existing deadbolt on the interior of the door, users are not required to replace any of their current keys and their door exterior remains unaltered. Installing the Abode Lock is easy and can be done directly from the Abode App on a smartphone. For frictionless commissioning, the lock pairs with the Abode app via Bluetooth and checks for any required firmware updates once connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The Abode Lock, priced at $129.99 MSRP for the lock and keypad bundle, is outfitted with the leading features users desire most on their front door. The included keypad connects to the lock via Bluetooth and enables simple and secure exterior access via PIN code or fingerprint recognition. As the solution safeguarding the door, battery life of a smart door lock is paramount. The Abode Lock boasts a large 4,000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides prolonged operation of up to 12 months with average use. Low battery warnings are issued to users via the Abode app to help ensure continuous protection.

Advanced security that has been ideally balanced with ease of access and user-friendly design sets the Abode Lock apart. The lock supports up to 10 unique users, each with 5 fingerprint registrations for a total of 50 unique fingerprints for authorized access. In addition to fast fingerprint access, the lock supports personalized PIN codes for up to 10 unique users. For guest access, users can create one-time-use PIN codes with a shelf life that expires upon usage, as well as scheduled PIN codes that are only active during specified windows. Support across a wide variety of access options provides users with the convenience of granting access to family and friends with the peace of mind that approved service providers, such as dogwalkers or cleaners, may only access their home during designated times.

The Abode Lock can be used as a standalone solution or integrated seamlessly into an existing Abode smart home security system, offering enhanced security and flexibility to all users. When deployed as a standalone solution, users can leverage the Abode app for remote lock or unlock of the door or enable features such as auto-lock which locks the door after a previously determined amount of time has passed. Additionally users have access to all fingerprint and PIN functionalities including temporary codes.

When integrated into a larger Abode system operating on an Abode plan (Standard or Pro) users unlock access to powerful home automations including scheduling and geolocation capabilities that can automatically lock or unlock the door based on a user’s location. Access to CUE, Abode’s robust home automation engine, is available to those subscribed to an Abode Standard plan ($6.99/month) or Pro Plan ($21.99/month). Through CUE, users can create powerful automation rules that enhance comfort, security, and convenience. For example, users could create a “goodnight” automation that shuts off all connected lights, turns the thermostat down, and locks the front door.

The Abode Lock is available now at an MSRP of $129.99 for the Wi-Fi lock and Bluetooth-connected keypad.

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About Abode Systems

Founded in 2014 by former ADT executive Christopher Carney and part of the Nice group since 2018, Abode was designed to be the most flexible and comprehensive all-in-one DIY smart security solution. With a vision of providing ease, simplicity and choice, Abode combines a no-contract home security platform with comprehensive smart home functionality. Customers can choose on-demand short-term monitoring with no contract or commitment and Abode offers out-of-the-box support for virtually any smart home device on the market including HomeKit, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, ZigBee, and Z-Wave. This powerful platform is delivered in a simple user interface, giving customers an intuitive and easily customizable experience from setup to everyday use. Your home, your Abode.

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