AI Chat Interface from 22Miles Wins Big at InfoComm 2023

22Miles used OpenAI’s ChatGPT to bootstrap an alternate version of the InfoComm app, showcasing new conversational interface capabilities.

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA – June 22, 2023 22Miles, a leading digital signage and visual communications system content management system (CMS) provider, had a unique giveaway at their InfoComm booth: a conversational AI version of the tradeshow app, powered by ChatGPT.

22Miles used publicly available event information and ChatGPT integration to create a custom conversational interface capable of answering questions about the event and guiding attendees to booths, meeting rooms, sessions, and special events. The web-based app, accessible via or by scanning a QR-code at the booth, received the Best in Show award from Digital Signage magazine for the first-time exhibitor.

ChatGPT Experience with Custom Site Information and Wayfinding

The 22Miles InfoComm app had a multi-lingual chat box instead of standard interface. Attendees could search using text or voice inputs, asking questions such as “Where is the 22Miles booth?” or “Is Elon Musk speaking at InfoComm?” The AI chatbot responded with related information, usually including a hyperlink to 3D wayfinding with turn-by-turn directions.

“We found ourselves relying on the 22Miles app more and more throughout Infocomm 23,” said Larry Darling, Classroom Technology Manager for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and co-host of the AV Superfriends podcast. “The user experience was vastly superior to the official show app and allowed us to quickly access the information we needed to successfully navigate our schedules. We can definitely see this product being useful for our events teams on campus as they create the best and most accessible experiences possible for visitors to campus.”

Now Available: Custom Conversational Interface for Wayfinding

This was no mere tradeshow stunt: the 22Miles conversational interface is a real, currently available feature that can be inserted into any existing app. Current 22Miles SaaS customers using the company’s Mobile 3D Wayfinding app can upgrade their experience with a GPT-powered chatbot today.

“Using ChatGPT integration, our AI team has built a conversation engine that understands what people are asking no matter how they phrase the question,” said Joey Zhao, solution architect and co-founder of 22Miles. “Instead of figuring out how to navigate a digital interface or enter a query to get the right response, you can just talk to the app like you would a human receptionist.”

Tip of the AI Iceberg

22Miles has a history of incorporating AI into its CMS platform to make content easier to create, customize and manage. Leveraging ChatGPT to simplify and improve the user interface was a logical next step for the company, and they are not planning to stop here.

“22Miles offers the most innovative, powerful CMS out there, and the emerging class of AI tools is supercharging its capabilities,” said Zhao. “The 22Miles AI team is working on multiple new features incorporating ChatGPT, machine learning, and more. I’m looking forward to pushing more of these capabilities to our SaaS platform later this year: our dealers and customers are going to be amazed at what they can do with 22Miles.”

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