Airzone and SmartThings Partner to Bring HVAC Control to the SmartThings Ecosystem

Zoning and control solutions from Airzone turn HVAC units from any leading manufacturer into a smart device

Miami, FL – July 11, 2024 – Airzone Control, a leader in HVAC zoning and smart control solutions, is partnering with SmartThings, Samsung’s global connected living platform, to integrate Airzone HVAC control and zoning solutions into the SmartThings ecosystem. This collaboration will make it possible to connect HVAC units from any leading manufacturer to SmartThings, bringing new levels of simplicity, control, and efficiency to smart homes. 

HVAC is one of the most energy-hungry systems in the home. For consumers looking to leverage the SmartThings platform to control their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint, monitoring HVAC usage in the home is essential. Airzone offers a line of after-market control devices that connect directly to the HVAC unit, instantly turning it into a smart device.

Airzone Now Works with SmartThings

Airzone’s Aidoo HVAC controller works with every leading Inverter/VRF brand, including Samsung, Mitsubishi, Daikin, and more. As part of the partnership between SmartThings and Airzone, three Aidoo HVAC control products are now Works with SmartThings certified:

  • Aidoo Pro – a flagship control device that allows integration between the latest Inverter, VRF, mini-split, and multi-split HVAC units and third-party IoT devices, including smart thermostats and home automation systems.
  • Aidoo Wi-Fi – a control device that enables voice- or app-based HVAC control of Inverter/VRF units. If consumers want to use the original manufacturer’s thermostat but still connect to SmartThings, Aidoo Wi-Fi is all they need.
  • Aidoo Pro Fancoil – an Aidoo control device enabling app-based control of legacy fancoil units (available only in the EU).

Maximizing Efficiency with Zoned System Control

For even greater efficiency and room-by-room temperature control, Airzone offers zoning control solutions. The Works with SmartThings-certified Webserver HUB and Webserver Cloud enables total control of sensors, thermostats, and up to 32 separate zoned HVAC units. 

With the Aidoo control and Webserver zoning solutions, users can monitor and control their home’s HVAC systems from anywhere in the world using the SmartThings app. These devices also enable two-way communication between HVAC units and SmartThings automation experiences.

“Bringing HVAC into the SmartThings ecosystem will have a profound impact on smart home efficiency and experience,” said Antonio Mediato, CEO of Airzone. “Inverter/VRF HVAC units controlled by Airzone devices are up to 40% more efficient, and zoned systems can achieve 60% greater efficiency. This partnership with Samsung is going to have a measurable effect on consumers’ lives.”

“This collaboration with Airzone underscores our commitment to providing a holistic smart home experience,” said Mark Benson, Head of SmartThings U.S. “By integrating Airzone’s advanced HVAC control devices into the SmartThings ecosystem, we are setting new standards for energy efficiency and intelligent automation in homes across the globe.”

Airzone’s Works with SmartThings devices are available now. To learn more, visit Learn more about the full line of Airzone HVAC control solutions at

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