Airzone Announces Aidoo Z-Wave Inverter/VRF Controller

The Aidoo Z-Wave enables the optimization of climate control and energy efficiency via Z-Wave technology, ensuring compatibility with over 4,000 Z-Wave products.

Miami, FL – April 3, 2024 – Airzone Control, provider of HVAC solutions for zoning, automation, and smart control, today announces the launch of the Aidoo Z-Wave. Designed as an integrator-friendly system add-on, the Aidoo Z-Wave bridges the gap between the Inverter/VRF or mini-split HVAC system and any Z-Wave-enabled smart home platform. This groundbreaking controller offers unprecedented control over Inverter/VRF and mini-split HVAC systems, significantly boosting energy efficiency.

Harnessing the power of Z-Wave, the leading smart home protocol featuring over 4,400 certified devices, the Aidoo Z-Wave’s design ensures effortless integration with existing Z-Wave smart home devices and ecosystems, providing users with an intuitive and comprehensive approach to managing their climate control systems. Its straightforward installation process allows for immediate benefits without the need for extensive system overhauls.

Airzone’s proprietary collection of manufacturer-certified HVAC protocols enables the Aidoo Z-Wave to facilitate complete bi-directional communication, ensuring that the HVAC system operates in perfect harmony with the smart home ecosystem. Leveraging Z-Wave’s mesh network topology, the Aidoo Z-Wave ensures robust and reliable communication between devices, eliminating dead spots and ensuring consistent performance across all corners of the home.

The Aidoo Z-Wave provides precise control over temperature and monitors humidity levels, ensuring optimal comfort. Users can easily adjust settings via smartphone, tablet, or voice commands through their Z-Wave-enabled smart home platform, offering convenience and accessibility.

“Aidoo Z-Wave sets a new standard in the industry, demonstrating what is possible when technology harmonizes with manufacturer expertise to deliver superior climate control solutions,” said Antonio Mediato, founder and CEO of Airzone. “By addressing a critical gap in the smart home technology market, Airzone not only reinforces its position as a leader in the industry but also significantly contributes to the evolution of energy-efficient, smart home environments.”

The Airzone Aidoo Z-Wave is now available for purchase in North America through authorized Airzone dealers and can also be ordered directly from Airzone’s website. To learn more about the Aidoo Z-Wave solution, click here.