Avocor Launches New One-Touch Software to Simplify Meetings & Content Access

Avocor GroupShare software addresses the need for single-touch meeting start and management of multiple UC video meeting software apps. 

Wilsonville, OR, October 6, 2021 – Avocor, the fastest-growing global collaboration display company, today announces Avocor GroupShare, its new subscription-based meeting user interface, to help teams easily and quickly manage video calls, which have exploded in popularity in the last 18 months. Avocor’s GroupShare enables single-button meeting start from Avocor’s interactive display, personal mobile device or a PC; access to your documents securely via a cloud drive; the room’s calendar; secure wireless screen sharing; one-button start to multiple UC software programs, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Google Meet. Avocor’s GroupShare drives collaboration and digital convergence making it easy to start, schedule and share during your meetings.

Data shows that troubleshooting meeting technology can have a negative impact on the ability of teams to get connected quickly and collaborate – more than 87% of teammates experience stress in meetings when technology doesn’t work or is difficult to use. And many of us are using multiple video collaboration software apps, such as Teams, Meet and Zoom. With the rapid adoption of video meetings, teams are looking for a way to quickly collaborate from any meeting app and to whiteboard and share files with teammates both in the room and remote.

Avocor GroupShare eliminates technology complications by providing a single-touch, all-in-one consistent meeting user experience. And when applied to all Avocor interactive displays, GroupShare also provides an identical experience across all rooms in the enterprise, from huddle spaces to board rooms to spontaneous meeting spaces, accelerating employee adoption. Employees can simply enter a room and instantly access their collaboration apps as well as their files and the room schedule, in an easy single-touch interface.

Avocor GroupShare for Microsoft 365 offers various integration capabilities and experiences to best suit an enterprise’s unique meeting needs. Avocor GroupShare for Microsoft 365 comes preconfigured for Microsoft enterprise customers. It features Microsoft Office 365 authentication and room resource calendar integration, one-click accessibility of the Microsoft 365 personal calendar, OneDrive access, and secure, wireless screen-sharing. Avocor GroupShare also simplifies the meeting experience, with built-in support for one-touch conference calls for any UC software, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco WebEx, and Microsoft productivity options for Whiteboarding, Edge, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or other third-party applications.

Avocor GroupShare requires minimal computing overhead, reducing the total cost of ownership and works securely with standard network configurations, also protecting each meeting with a unique ID, a 4-digit pin, and end-to-end encryption.

“The hybrid meeting experience continues to shift toward solutions that are video related and entirely digital, down to the whiteboard, and are easy to use and simply work, every time, no matter what software and platform you’re using, be it Zoom for one meeting and Microsoft Teams for the next,” said Dana Corey, SVP and GM, Avocor. “Our Avocor GroupShare SaaS service uniquely provides these benefits, by enabling teams to easily and immediately access the services and software that they rely on now, from a single-touch user interface. It just makes it so easy to schedule and get into any type of meeting fast.”

Avocor GroupShare subscription is $595 annually and is now available for any new or existing Avocor display customer. For more information, please visit:

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