Avocor Teams with Logitech to Deliver New Integrated Collaboration Solution for Zoom Rooms for Touch

The Avocor ALZ integrated systems are best-in-industry for Zoom meetings in Focus Rooms & Executive Offices and Huddle Rooms & Small Meeting Spaces

Wilsonville, OR, October 10, 2019  – Avocor, the fastest-growing global collaboration display company, has joined forces with Logitech to deliver a unique, integrated, easy-to-use and easy-to-install Zoom Rooms for Touch solution comprised of both companies’ best-in-class collaboration technology. The Avocor ALZ systems, comprised of three sizes available in two performance options, deliver completely frictionless communication to connect teams all over the world and enable them to get more done.

In response to customer demand for a simple-to-use, yet incredibly powerful Zoom Rooms for Touch solution that allows users to share and co-annotate across desktops, mobile and Zoom Rooms, the Avocor ALZ systems offer the most feature-rich, highest-performing technology to optimize collaboration. Avocor ALZ systems combine Logitech MeetUp with an Avocor display and Zoom-ready Avocor Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Windows-10 Intel i7, to seamlessly enable powerful and secure communication as well as whiteboard saving and sharing, including all annotations and ideas. And unlike embedded audio and cameras that come inside some displays, the ALZ offers superior audio and video, including front-facing audio, through MeetUp, to enable clear speech. Logitech MeetUp features a 4K camera with an extra-wide FOV (Field of View) and motorized pan/tilt lens to provide 160 degrees of total room coverage without the fisheye distortion that plagues typical wide-angle cameras. Wherever people sit or stand, RightSight auto-framing automatically moves the lens and zooms up to 5x to perfectly frame everyone in the room.

The Avocor ALZ line includes two performance options, including: 65-, 75- and 86-inch value-priced IR options, as well as 65-, 75- and 86-inch InGlass™ premium options. Both the IR and InGlass options feature exceptional 4K resolution, superior inking and pixel-precise touch that most closely resembles writing on paper. Both the IR and InGlass Avocor ALZ options represent the most advanced display technology on the market, starting with slightly textured, firm glass that, unlike plastic screens, makes writing and annotating seamless and precise. The screen is also anti-glare, so it can be added to virtually any room or space without concern of lighting impact and resistant to fingerprints. With natural, seamless whiteboarding that provides precision down to the pixel, Avocor’s displays are 4K at 60Hz, which means not only crystal-clear images but also low-to-no lag. For additional writing options, every ALZ is paired with a hard-tip stylus, which allows for smooth drawing, writing and easy idea-sharing between teams.  And all Avocor displays are backed by our industry-leading three-year warranty.

“Avocor shares Zoom and Logitech’s philosophy to make powerful collaboration frictionless. Logitech is also a legend in video conferencing, so we jumped at the chance to create a new approach to Zoom Rooms for Touch solutions with them,” said Avocor CEO Scott Hix. “We have created six cost-effective and complete Zoom Rooms for Touch systems that help companies of every size and scale work and collaborate more efficiently, with zero compromise.”

Simple and easy to deploy at scale, the Avocor ALZ includes a custom mount that secures Logitech MeetUp directly to the top of the display with just three screws. Because of the proprietary power/data cable between MeetUp and the OPS, the entire system runs off one wall outlet – no power strips required. This ease of installation allows for quick and seamless integration into meeting spaces so teams can simply press a single button and begin working together, using the Zoom technology they already know and prefer.

“Zoom Rooms represent a key part of Logitech’s go-to-market strategy in the video space. Teaming up with Avocor extends our capabilities into Zoom Rooms for Touch solutions with the integration of MeetUp product into the Avocor ALZ family,” said Scott Wharton, vice president & general manager, Logitech Video Collaboration. “Our combined solution provides customers a superior experience for video meetings and touch collaboration.”

“Our customers love Zoom Rooms for Touch, which allows them to deploy Zoom Rooms in an all-in-one, on-the-wall-style form factor that is highly interactive and engaging,” said Oded Gal, Chief Product Officer, Zoom Video Communications. “We are glad to see high-quality companies like Avocor and Logitech working together to increase the options available to our mutual customers.”

The Avocor ALZ systems start at $6,999 MSRP and are available to order now in North America, Australia/New Zealand and EMEA and will ship later this year. Avocor ALZ solutions are available via a trusted and experienced global network of distribution and reseller partners. To learn more about how to get started with Avocor, visit and follow news and updates from Avocor on social, via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.