CES 2019: AdaSky’s Viper is First Far Infrared Sensor Integrated into Smart Headlights

The Israeli startup’s thermal, high-resolution sensor for autonomous vehicles is the first to be integrated into smart headlights; Viper also demonstrates new multi-class detection capabilities running on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform.

Yokneam, Israel – January 7, 2019 – CES 2019, Westgate Hospitality Suite #1630 – AdaSky, the Israeli startup making far infrared (FIR) technology a mass market solution to enable self-driving cars and vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems to see better and understand more, is announcing that its FIR sensor, Viper will be the first thermal-sensing camera to be integrated in a vehicle’s headlights. 

AdaSky is proud to be a part of Magneti Marelli’s Smart Corner Modular Platform that was named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree. At CES, attendees can see AdaSky’s FIR technology in Magneti Marelli’s exhibit located at the Wynn Hotel, Latour Ballroom 5-7, including the smart headlights that feature the Viper FIR sensor. Leveraging the energy efficient, high-performance compute of the NVIDIA DRIVE platform, Viper is a powerful vehicle perception solution.

Until this partnership, FIR cameras were mainly integrated into the vehicle’s grill. Integration in the headlamp means the sensor is in closer proximity to other sensors, which enables better fusion. Sensor protection and cleaning is easier to maintain as well.

Attendees can also see Viper on display at AdaSky’s Westgate Hospitality Suite #1630, where the company will demonstrate new computer-vision capabilities of Viper. This includes multi-class object detection and classification, which enables a vehicle to simultaneously detect and classify pedestrians, vehicles, trucks, bicycles, and motorcycles. Viper can also detect and segment animals and other objects in the vehicle’s surrounding environment.

View a side-by-side video of AdaSky’s multi-class detection in action: Adasky Viper multi class object detection and classification

From their Westgate suite, AdaSky will be giving exclusive in-vehicle driving demonstrations to showcase the superb image quality of its FIR thermal sensor, which runs on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform to deliver real-time FIR-based perception to autonomous vehicles. Viper passively collects the FIR signal that radiates from objects and other materials and converts it to a VGA video. It then applies AdaSky’s proprietary deep-learning computer-vision algorithms to provide accurate object detection, classification, and scene analysis.

“There is a growing need for our FIR solution. Even two years ago, many OEMs were reluctant to adopt this technology,” says Yakov Shaharabani, CEO, AdaSky. “But now almost any OEM who is in front of the automotive space is seriously evaluating FIR, and we have plenty of projects in place with OEMs.”

Contact to schedule a time to experience Viper in an in-vehicle driving demonstration.