Crestron Announces new Crestron Home Configurator for Preparation before Arriving at the Job Site

Rockleigh, New Jersey – April 21, 2020 – Continually driving simpler, faster configuration tools for dealers, Crestron releases the latest update to its Crestron Home platform to bring astonishingly fast configuration and deployment for residential integrators.

New to the myCrestron dealer portal, the Crestron Home Configurator is a revolutionary cloud-based management platform that now allows home automation technicians to pre-configure devices before the hardware arrives or the truck even rolls to the project. The new tool enables integrators to pre-configure lighting systems, setup rooms and load schedules, layout modules and enclosures, configure and engrave keypad buttons, and even generate reports – all before arriving to the job site. Crestron Home Configurator will continually evolve so systems in a Crestron Home project have options for remote pre-configuration.

The Crestron Home Configurator aims to reduce installation time by efficiently allowing integrators to:

  • Create a configuration
  • Generate a report and export the file
  • Generate a deploy code
  • Apply on the control system
  • Pair with virtual devices

Crestron Home brought new simplicity and efficiency to Crestron residential projects, and now with the ability to deploy pre-configured systems to Crestron Home using the Deploy Code, Crestron dealers gain the benefit of massively reduced onsite time which in today’s climate increases the wellness and safety of integrators who have been deemed essential workers.

Crestron has created a 45-minute training for the Crestron Home Configurator. You do have to register with your name and email for access, but the direct link is here: Crestron Home Configurator Webinar.