Crestron DM NVX Platform Brings Software-Based Content Distribution and Prominent Support to Deliver 8K Video Resolution

Crestron to showcase an 8K video display through DM NVX encoding software at InfoComm 2022.

Las Vegas, NV – InfoComm 2022 LVCC #W603 West – June 6, 2022 Crestron Electronics, a leader in commercial audio and video distribution, will demonstrate support for 8K video content distribution with a software-based solution as the latest advancement of the Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP platform at InfoComm 2022. The resolution that 8K provides has implications for everything from dazzling signage to critical government applications, and Crestron will be previewing what’s to come with a software-based video encoding solution. The demonstration will showcase the ability to simultaneously encode four 4K streams, enabling the distribution of native 8K content.

Crestron DigitalMedia™ content distribution debuted in the digital age when 1080p resolution became the standard and, as resolution demands have increased, the DigitalMedia portfolio has continuously evolved to support the next generation of resolutions, now up to 8K. The new DM NVX encoding software features an innovative approach to AV-over-IP content distribution with multi-stream GPU-based encoding that delivers a visually stunning image composed together with multiple streams on a video wall or large format display.

“There are strong indicators that 8K video displays will first appear in retail settings and then quickly emerge in other markets such as government and enterprise. These use cases require a proven AV-over-IP platform like DM NVX that can equip these environments with the best quality content,” says Andrew Ludke, Senior Director of Product Management AV Solutions at Crestron. “As companies work to make the office a more appealing place for hybrid workers, these video walls will play an important role in crafting an engaging content in spaces large auditoriums and training rooms that can replicate the successful experiences created across retail, government, and live event environments.”

There’s something of a “demand loop” created by increased resolutions: An image with more pixels brings a sharper, clearer image to larger screens — which, in turn, helps drive demand for bigger displays. Instead of chaining smaller displays together for large installations like video walls, one screen will be able to provide the sharp image quality that’s needed for these monumental effects. This translates to more easily discernable details and allows video walls and signage to handle multiple duties in the modern environment.

8K digital displays in commercial environments

  • Retail displays: Video displays have proven to be an enticing tool for attracting and selling to customers in retail establishments. As retail recovers from lockdown, 8K screens are likely to become a differentiator, used both to lure customers into a store and to market products and brands.
  • Video walls: 8K is increasingly important for large communications and content display at greater distances. From corporate lobbies to college campuses to government centers, 8K panels will bring much higher resolution and clarity at significantly greater distances.
  • Live events: Concerts are designed to be spectacular, and 8K video is likely to become more common across broadcast, sporting events, and more.

Per a Mordor Intelligence report, the video wall market is expected to grow at 11% CAGR over the next 5 years, and much of this growth will come from non-traditional installations in corporate and campus spaces. Whether supporting an organization’s brand, providing messaging from other departments, or acting as a delivery medium of company news – digital signage helps workers and students feel connected and informed.

“The amount of messaging that can be delivered is incredibly robust. Crestron sees a real demand for 8K compatibility as companies begin thinking strategically about where and how they deploy their video walls,” says Ludke. “Corporate enterprises and universities are already investing significantly in these applications to keep people informed and help bring them back to the office and the campus. The vivid resolution of 8K allows for interactive displays that create immersive experiences in a variety of form factors and the Crestron DigitalMedia platform is known for delivering the highest signal integrity making it the ideal solution for these spaces.”

Crestron’s DM NVX encoding software will be on display at InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas at the Crestron booth, #W603 in the West Hall. This technology will provide IT managers with a solution that meets the DM® technology standard that has been trusted for over a decade. Get more information at