Crestron Offers Three Solutions for Dedicated Home Conferencing

With real estate experts projecting the home office as the new must-have space, professional home conferencing systems are an opportunity for residential integrators to problem-solve for customers.

The home has become the setting for working, learning, and socializing, and families are now using video conferencing in their living rooms, desks, offices, and bedrooms. However, migratory devices are never ready for the next video call; to succeed long-term, homes need dedicated devices. Crestron has leveraged its enterprise unified communications expertise and technology to now deliver professional-grade home conferencing solutions to Crestron residential dealers.

Work-from-anywhere is an opportunity for custom installers, and Crestron created a range of highly flexible, easy-to-use solutions for the work-from-anywhere workforce:

The Home Office Desktop
Crestron Home Desktop is an all-in-one solution to upgrade the home office with enterprise UC technology for universal web conferencing that works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms™, Slack™, Google Meet™, and more. The solution includes the Mercury X Tabletop UC System (UC CCS-UC-1-X KIT) with an intelligent auto-framing camera, a 4-microphone array and high-fidelity speaker to deliver clear, high quality audio and video. Users can take calls from their television, connected via USB-C or HDMI/USB, and can also use the system to listen to music when not on calls, connecting wirelessly with their mobile phone via Bluetooth. With built-in AirMedia®, HD 1080p camera, and a full duplex conferencing speakerphone with touch screen controller, the system provides connectivity for bring-your-own devices and networked solutions at a $5,000 MSRP.

To help manage overlapping schedules and video calls of people in a single household, dealers can add Room Availability Status Indicators (SIW-100) (MSRP $350) to make it easy for clients to set a room into “Do Not Disturb” mode. A wireless, two-button, battery-powered infiNET EX® Keypad ($200 MSRP) sits on the desk. The light illuminates red when turned on to signal to family members when a user is on a call, and they can push the button to shut it when they’re available. It can be incorporated in an existing 3-Series® Crestron System or added as a standalone system with a simple processor.

Universal Web Conferencing at the TV

Dealers can convert any room into a conferencing space with Crestron AirMedia, the universal presentation extender. It attaches behind the television, transforming it into an extension of any laptop, smartphone, or mobile display, whether Windows®, Mac®, Android™, or iOS®. The AM-200 has an $1,800 MSRP.

For universal web conferencing experience, the USB extender (USB-EXT) adds the Smart Soundbar to a TV for audio from the high-fidelity speaker, the intelligent auto-framing camera, and 4-microphone array. The sound bar can be cleanly added beneath the display, connecting via USB, available at $4,000 MSRP.

Wherever You Zoom

Crestron HomeTime™ (HT‑CAM) is an at-home video conferencing system that brings a native Zoom Rooms™ experience to the living room, allowing families to start or join a meeting directly from the Crestron remote. Integrated in a Crestron Home system, everyone is seen and heard from the wide-angle camera, full-duplex, advanced beamforming microphone, and high-performance speaker, and it’s easy to turn on the TV, adjust the lights, shades, and temperature from the same remote for the perfect video-call atmosphere from the same remote. The Crestron HomeTime conferencing system provides digital meeting functionality without the hassle of crowding around a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. HomeTime is available for $6,100 MSRP; additional rooms can get an upgrade with the HT-CAM-AUX for $3,100 MSRP.

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