Electrolux Debuts Kitchen Appliance Line for Elevated Farm-to-Fork Cooking at Home

Designed for the eco-conscious kitchen, the new Electrolux appliance suite keeps food fresh longer, makes efficient use of resources, and inspires culinary creativity.

Las Vegas, NV – Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, Electrolux Booth #N2346 — January 21, 2020 at 11 a.m. ET – Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances, today launched a new kitchen suite of appliances built for creative cooking, with the new flagship Double Wall Oven and French Door Refrigerator equipped with the latest features and technology to support culinary exploration and bring out the flavors that nature intended.

The Electrolux Connected Double Wall Oven and Electrolux French Door Refrigerator feature the sleek, elegant aesthetic expected from the Swedish brand, and introduce new food preparation and storage benefits for creative cooking. Backed by Electrolux’s sustainability leadership in the market, the new line is smartly designed to preserve fruits and vegetables longer and lock in natural flavors.

The 2020 Electrolux Kitchen Line will mark the debut of Electrolux Connect Technology, which advances cooking and entertaining with remote control features. Electrolux Connect lets users entertain guests out on the patio and still serve a delectable meal without standing watch in the kitchen. With the Electrolux App on a phone or tablet, users can preheat the oven, monitor temperatures and cook times, and keep food warm until everyone arrives at the table.

Electrolux Double Wall Oven
The Electrolux Double Wall Oven with Electrolux Connect Technology (EXWD3011AS) helps consumers explore their culinary creativity with advanced cooking technology.

The Electrolux Double Wall Oven is effortless to use and enhances the taste of food by making the most out of fresh ingredients, allowing home chefs to elevate their culinary adventures through advanced cooking techniques made popular by professional chefs.

  • Air Sous Vide: Electrolux adapted this precise cooking method for the oven to give cooks the elevated taste and juicy, flavorful results for meat, vegetables and more without a water bath. The Air Sous Vide setting uses precisely-controlled heat and airflow to cook food by circulating air instead of water, holding temperatures from 100 to 205 degrees consistently, just like traditional sous vide cooking.
  • Steam Cooking Functions: Enhance the natural flavors of any food from meat to artisanal breads, by creating a crisp, golden crust and a juicy, flavorful inside with the power of Steam Cooking.
  • Built-In Air Frying: Healthy living is a core tenet of the Electrolux home chef, and the new Wall Ovens embrace this trend with Built-In Air Fry. Create crispy vegetable chips, juicy chicken parmesan, and more without excess oil.
  • Electrolux Connect Technology: Electrolux Connect Technology supports entertaining without being tethered to the kitchen. The Electrolux Wall Oven can be set, preheated, or monitored remotely through the Electrolux App. Users can get alerts when cook time ends, and even switch to “Keep Warm” mode so dishes are ready right when family and friends are ready to enjoy.

With a sleek and modern design born from the simplicity of Scandinavian philosophy, the Electrolux Double Wall Oven features gunmetal chrome and stainless-steel handles, a full color touch display and proud glass with subtle pinstriping to bring elegance into the kitchen.

Electrolux French Door Refrigerator with TempAdaptTM Drawer
Created to be a focal point of the kitchen, the Electrolux French Door Refrigerator (ERMC2295AS) is engineered to keep produce tasting fresh, reduce spoiling, and keep leftovers lasting longer so you waste less.

“Knowing Electrolux consumers are focused on buying fresh produce from local farmer’s markets, the new Electrolux Refrigerator was designed to keep produce fresher for longer so you can be confident stocking up on nature’s finest foods,” said Amie Guy, vice president of marketing, Electrolux North America.

The counter-flush depth elevates kitchen elegance with the look of custom, built-in design, but with the flexibility of freestanding functionality. With flexible freezer space and adjustable shelves to make room for the week’s groceries or to store large platters, the new Electrolux French Door Refrigerator provides sustainable food storage ideas for the eco-conscious kitchen with advanced features:

  • TempAdaptTM Drawer: Offering the widest range of temperature settings on the market, the TempAdaptTM Drawer is adjustable from -6 to 45 degrees, allowing you to keep all of your entertaining favorites — from cheese to wine to homemade sorbet — at the perfect serving temperature.
  • TasteLockTM Crispers with Auto-Humidity Control: Smart crisper technology is designed to preserve food freshness and keep produce lasting longer by removing excess moisture and blocking out dry air to prevent spoiling, shriveling, and mold.
  • ExtraAccessTM Door: Energy savings is automatic with auto-close doors and the ExtraAccessTM Door which offers access to 75% of your fresh food just by opening one door to save energy even during a full evening of cooking and entertaining.
  • LuxCoolTM Plus Cooling System: Keep foods market-fresh with more consistent temperatures in both the refrigerator and the freezer.

Electrolux 36-inch Induction Cooktop
Induction technology delivers faster, more precise cooking than electric and gas ranges. The new Electrolux Induction Cooktop (ECC13668AS) includes Precise Temperature Control with advanced sensing technology that continuously monitors pan temperature and automatically adjusts heat to ensure the pan maintains the exact set temperature from the first crêpe to the last. Boil, sear, or sauté on the front burner and, when finished, Power Slide allows you to simply slide the pan to the back burner and the cooktop will automatically adjust to keep food warm and ready to serve. This cooktop allows you to expand your culinary horizons to specialty foods like crêpes and paninis with a Bridge Feature that connects two cooking elements for even heat even when using larger pans or griddles.

“Electrolux’s new kitchen suite was designed to support sustainable living and culinary exploration,” continued Guy. “Matching the energy standards and aesthetic expected of our Scandinavian heritage and company legacy, this line brings new technology and features to help families enjoy getting into the kitchen while being mindful of their environmental impact. The Electrolux Double Wall Oven and the Electrolux French Door Refrigerator together support our mission to Shape Living for the Better and create a conscious kitchen by keeping food fresher, elevating natural flavors, and offering healthier cooking methods for inspired recipes.”

The new Electrolux Double Wall Oven is also available in a single or oven/microwave combination. The ovens, as well as the Electrolux Induction Cooktop and the Electrolux French Door Refrigerator models will be available in Q3 2020.

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