Founder of NEEO and Former Control4 Executives Partner to Launch New Streaming Audio and Control Brand

 Founder of NEEO and Former Control4 Executives Partner to Launch New Streaming Audio and Control Brand

AVA delivers a premium listening and control experience through beautifully designed devices

SWITZERLAND/UTAH – Monday, March 7, 2022 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ETAVA, a Swiss-American manufacturer of connected home products, is launching and shipping the company’s first products, the AVA 2.1 Streaming Audio System and the AVA Remote.

AVA has created an elegantly designed connected Streaming Audio System which pairs seamlessly with the most advanced remote control in the world, the AVA Remote. Combined, the powerful new solutions unlock joyful listening sessions as well as powerful command over the most popular smart home systems and devices. AVA offers a premium experience available exclusively through the professional installation channel. The AVA Streaming Audio System was developed in collaboration with legendary Swiss audio company, Revox, who have built some of the most influential studio audio equipment.

“AVA is on a mission to put true stereo back into people’s homes, while providing all the advantages of todays most popular connected speakers. Not only is this how music is recorded, but it is also the best way to reproduce the experience intended by the artist and the sound engineers. Anything less does not do their work justice and is a huge miss when it comes to the actual and emotional listening experience,” said AVA CEO and co-founder Raphael Oberholzer. “We’re tremendously proud of what we have created and we cannot wait to share AVA with the rest of the world.”

Intended as a true-stereo 2.1 channel system, the AVA Streaming Audio System should always consist of two AVA Speakers and one AVA Bass Module. A technology marvel, the AVA A1 Speaker features a revolutionary full-range driver and all the other required components including the streamer, premium DAC and DSP, and two digital stereo amplifiers contained within the ultra-compact enclosure to enable an amazing, high-end listening experience. The AVA B1 Bass Module connects to the A1 via KleerNet, a wireless high-end audio protocol with zero latency. Together, AVA seamlessly combines the simplicity and versatility of connected speakers with the sound quality of true high-end speakers.

The AVA Speaker (available as an active model or passive version) leverage the same full-range driver for identical acoustic performance. The real-time DSP within the A1 speaker ensures flawless, high-end audio performance regardless of genre. The B1 is a unique, and critical part of the full AVA system. Within the AVA 2.1 Streaming Audio System, all controls such as gain, phase, and the frequency crossover point are handled dynamically. In real-time, the DSP controls which audio frequencies are sent to the connected components within the system and adjusts playback depending on what is called for by the source audio. Done this way, the AVA B1 Bass Module becomes a homogeneous extension of the AVA Streaming Audio System, delivering a dynamic, vibrant listening experience.

Additionally, the AVA A1 Speaker features an integrated Touch UI that enables quick access to important controls, including instant-play of up to five pre-set favorites directly from the speaker. The AVA A1 Speaker includes a built-in rechargeable battery further ensuring uninterrupted audio play back. In terms of connectivity, the AVA Streaming Audio System supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and UPNP.

The AVA Remote is a powerhouse in the palm of your hand. Powered by a quad-core, 2 GHz processor, the AVA Remote is an Android-based touchscreen remote control and the world’s first Google Certified remote control. This certification unlocks the full power of the Google Play Store, enabling the download and use of native Android Apps to provide a game changing experience for smart home systems and device control directly from the AVA Remote. The AVA Remote is one of the most powerful handheld Android-based devices available in the industry and easily handles Control4, Savant, Crestron, Sonos, Lutron, you name it.

A high-density touchscreen provides smooth and rapid response for actions and the AVA Remote includes an integrated speaker and microphone supporting voice control via Google Assistant or intercom use. The AVA Remote also features Bluetooth, NFC, an accelerometer, an integrated rear-panel fingerprint sensor, and GPS.

The best user interfaces are the ones that get customers to their desired outcome the fastest. It is because of this very reason the light switch is not obsolete. It is fast, simple, and universally understood. The AVA Remote, with lift-to-wake functionality, is exactly that, not just for the AVA Streaming Audio System, but for any smart home system or device with an Android app. This flexibility allows the AVA Remote to be used for purposes far beyond simply controlling the AVA Streaming Audio System.

AVA is focusing exclusively on the professional installer channel. If you’re a dealer go HERE, you will get a code to register and attend our webinar on March 16 at 11:00 am EST.

The AVA 2.1 Streaming Audio System is shipping today with a US MSRP of $3,200. The AVA Remote is also shipping today with a US MSRP of $1,299. For additional information, including how to become a dealer, please visit

About AVA

AVA is a Swiss-American startup perfecting the fusion between audio streaming and home control experiences. Available exclusively to the professional residential installation channel, AVA creates home products that inspire enjoyment, improve quality of life, feel natural to use, and fit seamlessly into any living space. AVA believes the home is the best place for magical technology and has meticulously designed the AVA Streaming Audio System in collaboration with legendary Swiss audio engineers responsible for some of the industry’s most popular studio audio equipment. AVA has created the most advanced remote control in the world, unlocking powerful command over the most popular smart home systems and devices. AVA provides a premium experience with solutions purposely designed for, and completely supported by the professional residential installation channel. For more information about the AVA experience, please visit

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