Introducing Skrachy: The New Music Platform for DJs and Fans

Designed with the tools DJs need for today’s music scene, the Skrachy app is available in beta with pre-release contest, inviting artists to be featured and win cash prizes.

Charlotte, North Carolina – August 20, 2020 – The music experience is transforming clubs, festivals, dance parties, and fans’ favorite events are going virtual, causing DJs, artists, and mixers to adapt. But, moving live-streamed events online brings legal challenges that come with using videoconferencing or social media platforms, and needing to navigate their own scheduling, payments, and marketing. Introducing SkrachyTM, the new app platform designed with all of the tools DJs need to deliver the live listening experiences that fans crave.

DJs should focus on what they love: making music and connecting with listeners who are as passionate about the live experience as they are. A Skrachy membership equips DJs with the tools to monetize their business, including a virtual storefront, gig scheduler complete with built-in calendar and payment processing, a virtual console for livestreaming, and royalty protection for their event mixes. It starts with a profile, where DJs can market themselves by showing their style, social media, and branding, genres and sub-genres, setting their gig rates, and uploading their music samples.

In the Skrachy app and web portal, DJs, mixers, and artists have full control over their business plus everything they need to navigate the new online music experience. Skrachy equips DJs with a virtual console to deliver live-streamed events to their fans, with music royalties coverage through their membership and the ability to upload their live-streamed event mixes for fans to access. When they can focus on the music and not the business, DJs can create and connect directly with listeners in the app and grow their global fanbase.

Skrachy Pre-Release Featured DJ Contest

To launch the listening and live-streaming experience as part of the app beta-launch, DJs are invited to join Skrachy for free, and enter to win prizes in the Skrachy Pre-Release Featured DJ Contest. Creating a Skrachy membership is free for 60 days, giving artists a chance to explore the platform, build their profile, and start hosting their own live-streamed jam sessions, private gigs, festivals, and at-home dance parties. The winner, first-runner-up, and second runner-up will be announced after the contest closes on October 15, by a count of who has grown the biggest Skrachy fanbase.

The winner will win $3,000 and become the first DJ featured on Skrachy during its official launch. The first runner-up and second-runner up will win $1,500 and $500, respectively, and all will receive a free Skrachy membership for one year.

“Nothing can match experiencing music live, where fans and artists can connect organically, with spontaneity,” said Skrachy Founder, Kevan Cooper. “As DJs are trying to move their music online, Skrachy was designed with the tools and technology that they need to run their business and monetize, so they can bring their focus back to the music.”

Skrachy is now available for download on iOS and Android. To enter the contest, DJs must create their Skrachy profile and agree to the full contest rules.

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