Khronos Releases Updated OpenVX Adopters Program

Includes full conformance test suite for the latest OpenVX 1.2

November 21, 2017 – Beaverton, OR — The Khronos™ Group, an open consortium of leading hardware and software companies creating advanced acceleration standards, today announces an updated Adopters Program for OpenVX, the open, cross-platform, royalty-free standard for computer vision and inferencing acceleration. The new Adopters Program includes full conformance tests for the latest iteration of the standard, OpenVX 1.2.

“As the range of applications for computer vision continue to grow, this updated OpenVX Adopters Program will be an invaluable resource for implementers that wish to test the enhanced functionality of OpenVX 1.2, including the new neural network and import/export extensions,” commented Frank Brill, design engineering architect at Cadence Design Systems, and OpenVX working group chair. “We expect that the OpenVX Adopters Program and enhanced conformance tests developed by the working group will enable the first OpenVX 1.2-conformant implementations to ship in 2018.”

The updated OpenVX Adopters Program includes a new version of the conformance tests, and the process by which Adopters can run those tests and submit the results for working group review. Once these tests are successfully passed, Adopters are enabled to label their product as OpenVX conformant, use a royalty-free trademark license for the OpenVX name and logo in association with their implementation, gain protection from the Khronos IP framework and enjoy marketing promotion from the Khronos Group. For more information on Khronos Adopters Programs please go here.

“Khronos conformance tests are critical to protecting the integrity of our standards, and have successfully ensured cross-vendor consistency with many open APIs over the years, such as Vulkan®, OpenGL® and OpenGL ES,”said Khronos president Neil Trevett. “The new Adopters Program and conformance tests for OpenVX will play a vital role in ensuring this important standard continues to be consistently adopted across diverse platforms — enabling portable, advanced vision applications to be deployed throughout the industry.”

Khronos and the OpenVX Working Group contracted MulticoreWare to enable the successful development of the OpenVX 1.2 conformance tests.

About OpenVX 1.2

OpenVX enables a vision application to be expressed as a graph of connected operations that can be optimized to run efficiently on any silicon acceleration architecture. Released in May 2017, OpenVX 1.2 brings expanded graph and operator functionality to benefit a broad range of vision applications including gesture tracking, smart video surveillance, autonomous driver assistance systems, visual inspection, and robotics.

In particular, developers can leverage OpenVX 1.2’s new feature detection and classification operations for improved object detection and recognition, and conditional execution of nodes for expanded control and flexibility of expressions within an OpenVX graph. OpenVX 1.2 delivers other significant new capabilities, such as the neural network extension, which enables low-power acceleration of neural network-based inferencing through the use of graph nodes to represent various types of common network layers, connected by tensor objects.

Details on the OpenVX specifications and associated Adopters Program are available at: