Loxx Boxx Bolsters Secure Package Home Delivery Solutions with LTE Connectivity

Winston-Salem, NC – October 19, 2023 – Loxx Boxx, a leading innovator and provider of state-of-the-art package security solutions, today announces LTE (cellular) connectivity as a revolutionary addition to the full line of Loxx Boxx solutions. Now, all Loxx Boxx models are enabled with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE technologies empowering the end-user to select the connectivity methodology that best serves their installation. With this future-facing feature, Loxx Boxx becomes the first company in the market to offer LTE-connected smart delivery boxes, setting a new standard for convenience, security, and accessibility.

“The introduction of LTE connectivity fills a critical gap in remote access capabilities, enabling users to interact with their delivery box from anywhere they choose,” said Kathy Sides, co-founder of Loxx Boxx. “This level of connectivity sets Loxx Boxx apart from any other secure package delivery solutions available today. With LTE connectivity enabled, Loxx Boxx solutions are untethered from the home network, granting customers the power to deploy a secure package delivery solution where they need it most.”

LTE connectivity for the two available Loxx Boxx models – Classic and Household – is backed by seamless integration with major mobile cellular carriers, ensuring a reliable and efficient user experience. Presently, this next-gen package box connectivity is available through carriers such as T-Mobile, and AT&T, with Verizon support set to become available in the near future. Loxx Boxx partnership with leading cellular carriers underscores the company’s commitment to providing top-tier service and connectivity options.

Key functional differences that set the LTE-connected Loxx Boxx smart delivery box apart include remote accessibility and enhanced security. Unlike Bluetooth unlock on Wi-Fi, which requires proximity, an LTE-connected Loxx Boxx allows users to unlock and relock their delivery box from anywhere. LTE connectivity offers the same network security as the user’s cellular provider’s connection, ensuring the utmost protection for all interactions. Furthermore, all data transmitted over the network by Loxx Boxx is encrypted, guaranteeing privacy and safety.

To support the ability to deploy Loxx Boxx solutions outside the limitations of home Wi-Fi networks, all LTE-enabled Loxx Boxx models ship with an included solar panel for off-grid powering. The included solar panel comes with a weather-resistant power cord and magnets to enable secure and reliable panel mounting directly to the Loxx Boxx unit. While LTE connectivity provides users with the freedom to place a Loxx Boxx solution anywhere without fear of losing connection, it is the included solar panel that ensures the Loxx Boxx unit remains charged and ready to accept deliveries, no matter the installation environment.

All Loxx Boxx purchases come with 30 days of free access to the Loxx Boxx app subscription. The user-friendly companion mobile app allows Loxx Boxx users to manage deliveries and stay updated with real-time notifications of all Loxx Boxx activity – including internal temperature, tampering, and access/delivery. Via the app, users can authorize access to the box by creating, customizing, and managing digital passcodes for delivery drivers. Parcel tracking numbers can be imported directly into the app to create single-use access codes for carriers to access the box, or customized codes can be created and shared with friends, family, or regular couriers that grant unlimited or single-use access.

A Loxx Boxx subscription provides users with a wide variety of services and benefits. First, connected, and online Loxx Boxx models receive over-the-air (OTA) updates to ensure each delivery box is equipped with the latest features and security. A subscription also backs users with the Loxx Boxx Safe Receipt Guarantee. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to combating the growing threat of package theft, Loxx Boxx offers up to $500 towards the cost of any items stolen from a Loxx Boxx if properly deployed. Subscribers also gain access to Loxx Boxx Treasure, a compilation of over 500 discounts on partnered brands. After the first month, the Loxx Boxx subscription renews at $1.99/month for Wi-Fi connectivity OR $3.99/month for LTE connectivity.

All Loxx Boxx models now ship with the ability to be Wi-Fi-enabled or LTE-enabled. Upon initial set up, the customer simply selects the connectivity best suited for their installation environment. The Loxx Boxx Classic is available now for $399 MSRP and the Loxx Boxx Household is available now for $449 MSRP.

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About Loxx Boxx

Founded in 2018 and born out of necessity, Loxx Boxx was created to provide a reliable solution to the problems created by rising eCommerce home deliveries that directly clash with busy lifestyles and households. Loxx Boxx was developed to protect deliveries outside the home while informing the user of all delivery and activity. As a state-of-the-art package security solution, Loxx Boxx is built to last and designed to keep deliveries of all kinds safe from thieves, pests, as well as the elements. Loxx Boxx tackles porch piracy head-on and has been designed as the solution with a view to the future of home delivery.

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