Next Generation Crestron 4-Series Control Systems Deliver Stunning Performance Enhancements

The number of devices and building systems on networks continues to increase; as does the need to intelligently and efficiently control various technologies. Crestron, the global leader in advanced workplace technology, has the solution with its just released line of 4-Series™ control systems, the fastest, most powerful, and secure the company has ever built. With 15x faster processing, up to 4x more memory, and meeting the most robust security standards in the industry, the 4-Series gives organizations greater power and flexibility than ever to intelligently integrate and manage disparate networked technologies on one secure platform, thereby lowering management and improving efficiency.

Organizations must be able to manage anything with a network connection, including AV, voice and data, lighting, security, streaming media services, and HVAC. This makes a well-designed integrated network of all building technology a necessity. The 4-Series is the only control platform that offers the ability to unify these technologies on application appropriate hardware or software, from small appliances, all the way up to enterprise-grade virtual servers. As such, individual rooms can be managed with the compact MC4 and RMC4 models; floors or complex rooms with CP4 / CP4-N, or the AV4, PRO4, and DIN-AP4 (releasing in the near future); and buildings and campuses with the server-based Crestron Virtual Control platform. No matter the application, Crestron offers the perfect solution to meet organizational needs.

As a company that embraces open standards, the 4-Series enables programmers to use standard development tools to create C# programs, with SDKs made publicly available on Crestron has made it easy for customers to upgrade from the 3-Series® to the 4-Series control platform. Programs created for the 3-Series will run on the 4-Series with no need for code changes, just a simple recompile.

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