Nice North America Simplifies Control and Compliance for Automated Gates with Mercury 310 Controller

The new UL325-compliant gate controller from Nice improves upon the popular 636 model with added features for additional safety and ease of use, while remaining as simple to install as ever.

Kent, WA – March 22, 2021 – Nice, a global manufacturer of Smart Home and Building Automation products, today announced the release of the Mercury 310 residential gate operator controller, a simple-to-install controller engineered for UL325 compliance for automated gate systems.

“With the release of Mercury 310, we are setting a new standard in ease of installation and use,” says Jon Eiche, Product Manager, Residential & Commercial Gate for Nice North America. “We designed the Mercury 310 to keep automated gate control as simple as possible providing installers and owners a safer and more streamlined experience.”

Safety & Ease of Install

With no programming required, a simple user interface, and cutting-edge safety features, UL325 compliance has never been simpler. Installers familiar with Nice gate controller will find familiarity in Mercury 310, which is as straightforward to install as previous products but now includes new features. Mercury 310 is an upgrade to existing residential gate controllers as it natively meets the UL325 compliance by including two methods of entrapment detection (Type A and Type C). This industry standard exists to protect people and property from powerful and potentially harmful automated gate movement. By integrating sophisticated internal motor frequency sensing, along with traditional current sensing, Mercury 310 is the first Nice offering with two forms of entrapment detection built into the controller, enabling installers to achieve UL325 compliance with a single solution. For added protection and maximum safety, Nice recommends using external photo eyes or edge sensors. Mercury 310 also automatically detects Nice BlueBUS photo eyes when connected. Additional state-of-the-art safety features include speed regulation for soft-start and soft-stop functionality.

Key Features

The simple user-interface of the Mercury 310 controller includes function selector knob, a USB port for easy firmware updates, and a battery health alert LED that informs technicians when battery service or replacement is needed. Mercury 310’s standby mode reduces power draw during periods of low usage, making it one of the most power-efficient controllers on the market. Mercury 310 comes solar ready but can be installed on AC power using ACBOX, a new controller enclosure that includes a backup battery. On either solar or AC power, if the system battery should run low, Mercury 310 engages failsafe mode, which automatically opens the gate to hold in place, so owners are not locked in or out of a property.

Mercury 310 is available for purchase in April through select distributors and is available as part of an all-inclusive linear actuator bundle, with the option to select either the Titan or Apollo linear actuators and receive all the products and parts needed for a single gate installation. Mercury 310 and ACBOX may be purchased standalone as well. For information on Mercury 310, ACBOX, and Nice North America, please visit