pHin Smart Water Monitor Adds Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill

Users can now ask about their pool’s water balance and temperature before dipping into their pool or hot tub.

San Jose, CA – May 28, 2020 – The pHinTM Smart Water Monitor by Hayward Industries announces the pHin Smart Home Skill for voice integration with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

With voice integration, pHin makes enjoying the pool even easier. Users can now issue a voice prompt to get the water temperature or learn whether their pool, hot tub, or swim spa water is balanced or needs attention. The pHin Smart Monitor measures the water’s pH, sanitizer, and temperature levels over 1,000 times each week. Now, in addition to checking the pHin Android or iOS App for an alert, users can ask pHin through Alexa-enabled devices if their water is ready for swimming.

With a proprietary algorithm, analytics, and water history, pHin guides users to safe water with simple chemical dosing instructions, using a list of supported chemicals for bromine, chlorine, and saltwater systems. Users can ask whether their water is safe for swimming, asking: “Alexa, ask my water monitor if my pool is safe.” Responses using the most-recent data from pHin indicate whether no action is needed, or “Your pool is unsafe and has 3 actions,” prompting the users to open the app for further information or instruction.

The command, “Alexa, ask my water monitor what the temperature of my hot tub is,” prompts pHin to report the latest temperature data point taken. With a response such as, “Your hot tub is 102 degrees,” users can decide whether to hop in for a soak or adjust the temperature to their liking.

The pHin Smart Home Skill for Amazon Alexa-enabled devices is now available, and compatible with all pHin models. pHin users can learn how to enable it here.

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