PowerHouse Alliance Announces Expansion of the Popular A2V Speaker Line

Pittsburgh, PA – September 15, 2021 – PowerHouse Alliance announces the all-new A2V two-way In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers. Both speaker lines are high-value options at an affordable price point that offer quality sound, lifetime warranties, ease of installation, and are available exclusively through PowerHouse distributor members nationwide.

The PowerHouse Alliance A2V line was designed to offer quality products at competitive prices. As the industry continues to see an influx in home theater and audio installations, the new line of A2V In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers will become a go-to for dealers looking for new options for all their home audio projects. All In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speaker models feature a .75-inch glass fiber tweeter and a 1-inch aluminum coil and are supported with a lifetime warranty.

IW65MG34 and IW80MG34 In-Wall Speakers

Designed with affordability and ease of installation in mind, the A2V In-Wall Speakers will compliment all indoor audio installations.

Dealers can select from two models, 6.5-inch (IW65MG34) and 8-inch (IW80MG34), both models feature a flush mount design, magnetic paintable grilles, and a paintable shield. The IW65MG34 features a frequency response of 60hz – 20khz and 90db sensitivity while the IW80MG34 features a frequency response of 50hz – 20khz and 90db sensitivity.

 IC65MG34 and IC80MG34 In-Ceiling Speakers

Built from durable components that feature a flush mount design and magnetic paintable grilles with paint shields included, the high-quality A2V In-Ceiling Speakers will provide dealers with a simplified installation process.

Dealers can select from two models 6.5-inch (IC65MG34) and 8-inch (IC80MG34) making both lines a versatile option for all home theater and audio installation needs. The IC65MG34 features a frequency response of 70hz – 20khz and 85db sensitivity while the IC80MG34 features a frequency response of 55hz – 20khz and 90db sensitivity.

“As our dealers continue to see an increased demand for audio installations, we wanted to offer a renewed line of products to complete these projects. The new A2V line of In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers are high-quality options for dealers looking to bring excellent sound to any installation,” said Dennis Holzer, executive director of the PowerHouse Alliance. “When dealers receive a demo from the PowerHouse distributor members, we are excited for them to be blown away by the quality, ease of installation, and warranty options of both product lines.”

Conveniently accessible through over 55 PowerHouse distributor member locations across the country, dealers can access the A2V In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers via same-day pickup, delivery, online ordering, or curbside pickup.

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