SAVI Launches SAVI 3 to Transform the Commercial AV Experience

Designed to delight both integrators and their customers, SAVI’s radically simplified programming tools, multi-purpose and high-performance hardware and intuitive user interface eliminates complexity and cost for commercial AV projects

Dallas, TX – August 26, 2020 – SAVI Controls, designer and manufacturer of commercial AV control and automation solutions, today introduces SAVI 3, the next generation AV control and automation solution designed to streamline installation, programming and expense across commercial projects of virtually any size and bring freedom, flexibility, and ease to the pros designing and installing commercial AV experiences.

Featuring new and radically simplified programming software, an elegant and intuitive user interface, and a new hardware line-up built to support expansive commercial projects, SAVI 3 systems take hours, not weeks, to design and program. SAVI 3 is so easy-to-use, no end-user training is required, making it possible for dealers to create and deploy incredible commercial AV experiences faster and more efficiently.

“Working as integrators ourselves, we experienced the needless complexity that comes with traditional commercial AV control. Our vision is to distill all of that complex programming into a modern, simplified approach that strips away the time-consuming, mundane tasks, making the process shockingly simple,” said John Dorsey, SAVI CEO. “We’ve delivered on that vision with SAVI 3, dramatically reducing the time and cost associated with set up and programming, bringing back the fun to commercial AV for integrators, technicians, and customers.”

Today, businesses depend on reliable and high-performance audio/video experiences to communicate, sell, market, entertain, educate, train and support their customers, and differentiate their businesses. For too long, the industry has been shackled to outdated technology that ignores the end-user experience. Expensive commercial AV control systems dominate the product landscape, requiring end-to-end customization and configuration that drives project time for integrators and their customers, often taking weeks or months to program and set up.  SAVI intends to change all of that for the better – for both integrators and their customers.

SAVI 3 Highlights

SAVI radically transforms the way technicians program commercial AV systems with the rollout of its new programming software, SAVI Creator. Two years in the making, SAVI Creator employs a web application architecture, making it the most simple-to-use, flexible programming software in the commercial AV space.  No software install is required and Creator is so easy to master that technicians of all levels can be trained to program commercial projects, enabling integrators to leverage more of their team for set up and programming to easily support a larger client base.

Key Creator features include:

  • Smart Add. Integrators can sequentially name hundreds of devices or set IP addresses and add multiple displays with a few clicks, and easily create macros that modify any number of devices all from one page, significantly reducing redundant tasks and increasing install efficiency for any size job.
  • Streamlined driver integration and room creation. Creator enables programmers to easily group drivers and view driver properties in a clean, intuitive manner, keeping your project organized and making it easy to quickly reference specific components.
  • Advanced Search and Filter capabilities. The Creator interface boasts a responsive advanced Search and Filter feature that is specific to your current view, which is a huge advantage for larger projects consisting of many devices, connections, and drivers. Gone are the days of the never-ending scroll, and the frustration of navigating in and out of various screens to find what you need.

“We’re thrilled to unveil Creator because it delivers a revolutionary way for techs of all levels to build stunningly impressive systems,” said Derek Wilson, SAVI CTO. “We worked tirelessly to identify and eliminate all of the historical pain points of creating and installing a project and poured all of that knowledge into making the commercial AV project experience enjoyable, starting with programming in Creator.”

Content Distribution with SAVI Audio and SAVI Canvas

SAVI Canvas is a network-based video and content distribution software that is loaded with new dealer and customer-facing features that make it easy to access, deliver and manage content throughout large projects supporting up to thousands of displays with a single network cable to each.  Canvas provides control, content delivery, source switching, layout selection, monitoring and management for integrators and their end-customers. Combined with LG webOS displays, SAVI makes it super simple to put any image or message up on any display.

New to the SAVI family, SAVI Audio brings a powerful suite of innovative features to make setting up any audio distribution system a breeze. With SAVI Audio software, it is easy to access any audio source from any connected SAVI Audio Amp or DSP over the network. Dealers can connect an entire audio system with network-based amplifiers to build a large, distributed environment. SAVI Audio interoperates with both Dante and Audio Video Bridging (AVB) .

The SAVI 3 Line of Hardware

Engineered to be highly reliable and robust enough to support thousands of displays and sources, the SAVI 3 hardware line was designed to work together to streamline installation and eliminate failure points, drastically reducing the number of cables and devices required per job. The new SAVI 3 hardware line includes:

  • SAVI Stream.One is the video distribution core of the SAVI Canvas system. It enables video and audio distribution, over one cable, that is incredibly easy to install, configure and control even for the most complex project. The Stream.One seamlessly integrates content distribution over the network, making any video source available and enabling simple system expansion to deliver content throughout large stadiums, as well as small venues.
  • SAVI DSP.One is a digital signal processor that simplifies installation and management of audio systems for commercial venues. It has a clean and intuitive user interface that works on virtually any tablet or PC device, with no software to download. Designed to connect with any amp, eliminating the need to upgrade existing amps, DSP.One is easy to integrate and control in environments with multiple analog and IP sources within a distributed audio system.
  • SAVI Amp.One is a cost-effective, versatile, 720-watt amp that can be stocked for multiple functions such as: 70v, 100v, 8-ohm and 4-ohm. One delivers a high channel count in 1RU with 12 bridgeable channels, that can be used in mixed mode, giving dealers the power and ease to configure the Amp.One for whatever the project requires. Amp.One is a perfect pairing with the DSP.One.
  • For the ultimate flexibility, the SAVI DMA.One (DSP Matrix Amplifier) establishes a new product category in commercial AV, combining all the features of the DSP.One and the Amp.One, plus higher powered best-in-class amplification for extensive mixing and matrixing options along with SAVI Audio. A versatile all-in-one audio solution, the 1RU DMA.One packs 1800w of I.C.E. power and eliminates clutter and the expense of separate audio equipment.
  • Tying the whole system together, SAVI has again upgraded its powerful and custom-engineered SAVI Server Pro, a commercial audio video control and automation processor that orchestrates the AV automation throughout the entire system and controls thousands of devices including lighting, displays, audio zones and more. Built for the commercial market, Server Pro is proven-reliable, expandable, efficient, and high-performance.
  • SAVI also offers the SAVI Thermostat for reliable heating and cooling control for commercial environments.
  • To round out the line for SAVI 3 launch, SAVI offers itsOne for I/O device control.

SAVI Interface

SAVI has updated and refreshed its end user interface to introduce an approachable, intuitive, and responsive UI that scales for projects of any size, whether it’s a few displays or thousands. Simple to use with blazing-fast and straightforward navigation, SAVI Interface can be used on any modern device with a web browser including a mobile phone, tablet or laptop and requires virtually no end-user training so that every employee can use it efficiently in no-time.

Revealed today at SAVI’s live virtual event, SAVI.Connect, SAVI 3 will be available to SAVI-certified dealers in Q4 2020. If you are interested in becoming a SAVI dealer, submit your application and sign up for a 2-day, in-depth virtual training session. Visit the following link for exact training dates: .