SurgeX Expands UPS Solutions Line with Models to Support Installations Worldwide

Knightdale, NC – January 31, 2019 –– AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection (ESP), a leader in advanced power protection solutions today announces new SurgeX uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems with four models designed to offer truly comprehensive protection and carry-over power for all mission critical systems worldwide. The UPS line now includes three rack mounted solutions and one large format model.

Generators provide backup power to keep systems online during an outage, but they don’t provide power precisely at the moment of the outage due to their exercise period, and total loss of power can force system shutdown during that time, often locking up the system to the point where a hard reboot is needed to restore functionality. With three new models to support installations globally, SurgeX UPSs are always on and ready to carry over power immediately, until an alternative power source is engaged, safe shut down is completed, or a load shed is completed by safely powering down high-consumption components, leaving only the critical systems online and thereby expanding runtime.

The new models are available in three sizes to suit a range of installation sizes, including: 2,000 volt-amps (2kVa), 4,000 volt-amps (4kVa), and 6,000 volt-amps (6kVa). Because the backup power provided by generators can be damaging to installations depending on which components are drawing power, and is noisy or dirty. SurgeX safeguards against this form of damage with online double conversion technology to help ensure connected systems received constant, stable power in fluctuating global power environments.

The rack-mounted UPS solutions ensure connected systems receive the most stable power possible to safeguard devices from fluctuating power which can cause lock ups or decrease overall performance. The large format 50Hz, 15,000 volt-amp (15kVa) model also features online double conversion technology and an isolation transformer to ensure connected equipment continuously receives clean power to keep systems online when generator power is dirty, unstable, or lost.

“Installations globally require proper power protection, and UPSs are an important front-line against outages and unclean power,” said Kent Dunn, director, business development and international sales for AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection. “These UPS solutions serve as the bridge to keep the system and equipment online until alternative power sources are available or, a safe shut down can be completed with constant, stable power.”

SurgeX will partner with installers on a per project basis to verify load calculations and double check environmental factors to help ensure the best SurgeX UPS solution is selected for their installation or project.

The specifications of each new SurgeX UPS model such as input/output voltage, input plugs, etc. are as follows:

  Input and Output Voltage Frequency In/Out Input Plug Output Receptacle
17202-53R 230 50Hz IEC 320 INLET C20 (8) IEC 320 C13
17302-60R 230 50Hz IEC 320 INLET C20 (4) IEC 320 C13 (1) IEC 320 C14
17602-52R 230 50Hz Hard Wired Hardwired (2) IEC 320 C19 with battery cabinet
17888-62R N/A N/A N/A Battery Cabinet

SurgeX will display its global UPS line, which is available now, at Integrated Systems Europe from February 5 to 8, 2019 in Stand #1-F50.

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