SurgeX Introduces Defender Series to Provide Power Protection Regardless of Budget or System Size

Las Vegas, NV – InfoComm 2018 – June 6, 2018 – Booth C1856 – AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection (ESP), the leader in advanced power protection solutions, today announces the new SurgeX Defender Series line of power protection products. Designed specifically to safeguard everyday applications, the Defender Series provides cost-effective, comprehensive power protection and conditioning to increase uptime and ensure connected equipment functions properly.

Even the smaller, cost-conscious applications deserve proper power protection as a fundamental element of an AV system’s foundation. The new Defender Series line includes the following products:

Model Plug Configuration Outlet Configuration
SX-DS-158 15A / 120V 8 Outlets
SX-DS-208 20A / 120V 8 Outlets
SX-DS-151 15A / 120V 1 Outlet

Designed with patented Multi-Stage surge suppression technology, the Defender Series line protects AV equipment from electrical transients that can cause harmful system disruptions. The robust three-stage protection ensures equipment is safeguarded from the harmful effects of surge energy, and the advanced filtration of the Defender Series virtually eliminates normal and common mode electrical noise interference that can cause frequent reboots and downtime.

Ideal for the protection of standalone devices such as projectors, displays, POS machines or digital signage applications, the 1-outlet SX-DS-151 model is small enough to be deployed in environments where space is a consideration but power protection is a must. The 8-outlet SX-DX-158 and SX-DS-208 models are rack mountable and ideal solutions to provide comprehensive power protection and conditioning at the rack level in education, security, or house of worship installation environments where budgets are limited, carefully reviewed, and proper power protection often overlooked.

“The new SurgeX Defender Series has been designed to provide comprehensive protection for everyday applications at a price point heretofore not available from SurgeX,” said Rick Komendera, SurgeX Sales Manager for AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection. “These cost-conscious solutions can be easily deployed to safeguard either standalone devices or an entire rack from the harmful effects of surge energy that can degrade equipment performance overtime.”

Both the SX-DS-158 model and SX-DS-208 model are rackmount, 1U and 8.5” deep making them more compact and shallow than some current SurgeX offerings. Additionally, the SX-DS-151 is a single outlet 15A model designed to plug directly into a receptacle. The SX-DS-158 and SX-DS-208 models will be shipping Q3 of 2018 and the SX-DS-151 model is shipping now.

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