The pHin Smart Water Monitor System Measures Water Chemistry for Easy DIY Pool Maintenance

Made for indoor or outdoor pools, swim spas, and hot tubs, pHin guides water balance and alerts when it needs attention.

San Jose, CA – December 18, 2019 – pHinTM is the smart water care system for maintaining healthy water balance in indoor or outdoor pools, hot tubs, or swim spas. Developed by ConnectedYard, Inc., a Hayward Industries, Inc. company, the pHin Smart Monitor works with a mobile app to monitor sanitizer, pH, and temperature and guide users with analysis, smartphone alerts, and simple chemical dosing instructions to provide unmatched simplicity and peace-of-mind to pool and spa maintenance.

Of nearly 15 million pools and hot tubs in the U.S., 75% of owners perform maintenance themselves. Numerous environmental factors affecting water chemistry including usage, weather, water temperature, sunlight exposure, evaporation, and more make water care a challenge for most. The pHin Smart Monitor floats lightly in the water analyzing thousands of measurements per week and removing the need for self-testing kits.

A lifelong pool owner, ConnectedYard Co‐Founder and CEO Justin Miller was inspired to innovate the chore of pool and hot tub by leveraging today’s smart home technology: “We wanted to streamline pool and spa maintenance and give people more time to enjoy the leisurely lifestyle they envisioned with a pool or hot tub and this is what pHin provides.”

When the pool, spa, or hot tub water needs adjusting, users are given with simple chemical dosing instructions in the pHin App. Compatible with chlorine, saltwater, and bromine water systems, users can select the brands of their choice with pHin, which supports more than 200 different chemicals from major retailers. The growing list of chemicals that can be scanned directly in the app can be found here:

When they purchase the pHin system, customers are automatically enrolled for the pHin Monitoring Service for one year, and pay $99/year after the first year. The subscription enables remote monitoring, sending alerts when the water temperature reaches an unsafe level, or when the water needs chemical adjustment. The Monitoring Service also provides insight to the water conditions with water history charts and shareable water data for in-person help from a pool technician or pool retailer.

The pHin system is $349 and comes with the pHin Smart Monitor, the pHin Bridge, mobile app, and the first year of the pHin Monitoring Subscription. pHin comes with a one-year warranty; subsequent one-year warranty with every monitoring renewal. pHin is now available in Canada.

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