Vanco International Announces New AV and Accessory Lineup for Residential Market at CEDIA EXPO 2018

Products and accessories offer installers new ways to embed AV through HDMI, enhanced features for HDMI over IP control and HDMI extension, and add voice control to residential installations

CEDIA Expo 2018 – San Diego, CA – September 5, 2018 – Booth #2017 – Vanco International LLC, an industry leader in AV distribution and electronic accessory products, announces several new AV and accessory products and feature updates for the residential market across their various brands to be displayed and demonstrated in the Vanco booth #2017 at the CEDIA Expo 2018 show.

Evolution™ EVOSKLZ1 Source Sensing HDMI Embedder with EVOSKILLZ Technology

The new EVOSKLZ1 Source Sensing HDMI Embedder from Evolution™ by Vanco features the patent-pending EVOSKILLZ technology that allows audio from a secondary source to be automatically sensed and embedded onto an HDMI output – an industry first – allowing for greater installation flexibility and capabilities. Leveraging this technology, the new EVOSKLZ1 Source Sensing HDMI Embedder can pass audio and video from a single HDMI source, while also enabling audio to be extended through from a secondary source (such as an Amazon Echo) and embedded onto an HDMI connected output/display.

EVOSKLZ1 comes equipped with an HDMI 2.0a input for audio and video, a 3.5mm stereo port to provide audio from a secondary source, and an HDMI 2.0a output, which can pass the audio and video coming from the HDMI input, or embed the audio coming from the secondary audio source.

With the capability to pass 4K@60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma, the EVOSKLZ1 is HDR10 and Dolby Vision compatible and can also pass through PCM, Dolby, and DTS audio. The micro-USB port can be used to power the unit or provide any future firmware updates. There are also two dials on the unit allowing for the manual adjustment of source sensitivity (dB level from secondary audio source) and audio time out if needed.

The EVOSKLZ1 will ship in 2019.

Updates to Popular Evolution EVO-IP HDMI over IP System

The award-winning EVO-IP from the Vanco Evolution line offers installers the ability to manage, transmit, and receive audio/video signals and control hundreds of devices over a local network using only three products to do so – a transmitter, receiver and control box. This year, Vanco announces new updates and feature enhancements to accommodate a wider range of installations for EVO-IP, including: an added drag-and-drop option for uploading photos for the on-screen display (OSD to simplify the setup and management process for installers on the job), an added source preview which allows the installer or user to see what is playing on a source before switching, and new scaling options that allow for upscaling media to 4K or down to 720p. This feature allows installers to scale up or down as an installation requires. There were also refinements made to the integration with cloud-based voice-control compatibility with Amazon Alexa, as well as to the iOS and Android mobile apps for more streamlined end-user control.

The newly updated EVO-IP will ship in Q4 2018.

Vanco HDWIRKIT/RX – HDMI Extender and HDMI Receiver

New to CEDIA Expo 2018, the HDWIRKIT/RX kit extends HDMI signals wirelessly up to 131ft/40m and includes both a transmitter and receiver for point to point application. Able to transmit up to 1080p HD video and audio, the HDWIRKIT/RX can split wireless HDMI signals to up to 4 displays and multiple kits can be installed in one application without interference. The HDWIRKIT/RX does not require line of sight transmission and can send and receive signal through most obstacles, making it a convenient solution for installations where running cable is an issue such as a fireplace mantles or outdoor patio applications.

The HDMWIRKIT/RX is now shipping.

Vanco Spot for Dot Demonstration with New Beale Street Audio IW6-MB & IW6-BB In-Wall Speakers

Now shipping, the patent-pending Spot for Dot digital in-wall amplifier, designed to hold an Amazon Echo Dot, will be displayed in the Vanco booth using the new IW6-MB and IW6-BB in-ceiling speakers from Beale Street to create a demonstration of the products working together to create a voice-controllable audio setup in a home.

Unlike traditional distributed audio systems that are restricted to a set number of zones, Spot for Dot provides the flexibility to add one zone at a time without limitations, all at a significantly lower cost because of its ability to be connected to an existing distributed audio system in the home, without the inconvenience of running wires back to a central location, saving time and money.

Providing the superior sound for the Spot for Dot demo at CEDIA Expo 2018 are new in-wall speakers from Beale Street Audio. The IW6-MB and IW6-BB models feature a rectangular design with a crossover that separates the tweeter from the woofer, allowing the high ranges to be precisely sent to the tweeter with mid and low ranges extending through the woofer for targeted audio control. The IW6-MB and IW6-BB will ship in early 2019.

All product demonstrations and displays will take place in the Vanco CEDIA booth #2017 and interested distributors and dealers may contact Vanco directly for pricing.

For product specifications and to learn more about Vanco International, visit the Vanco website.