Zooz Paves the Way for Smarter Living with the Introduction of Powerful Smart Home Kits Centered Around the Z-Box, the First Z-Wave Focused Hub

Each Unique Kit – Security, Flood Protection, and Garage Door/Access – Delivers Next-Gen Home Automation Bringing Z-Wave Technology to the Forefront of Smart Living

Flanders, NJ – June 15, 2023 – 9 AM ET – Zooz, an industry leader in Z-Wave® enabled technology solutions, today announces the Z-Box Security Kit, the Z-Box Flood/Water Protection Kit, and the Z-Box Smart Garage Door Kit. Anchored by the game-changing Zooz Z-Box, the first-ever smart home hub and controller designed specifically to unlock the full potential of Z-Wave technology, each kit has been created to provide a seamless introduction to smart home technology and serve as a feature-rich answer to common use cases including security, flood protection, and garage door/access.

Built to leverage the powerful capabilities of Z-Wave, the Z-Box Hub ensures a fast, private, and progressive smart home experience. Packed with Z-Wave’s top features, it offers SmartStart and S2 Security which enables unparalleled security for Z-Wave devices, without sacrificing power efficiency or speed. The Z-Box Hub is as flexible as it is powerful, providing consumers the option to configure their system as a home automation powerhouse, robust DIY home security system, intelligent home energy tracker, or all of the above, with no fees or subscriptions.

To support home automation newcomers and showcase the advantages of a Z-Wave-powered smart home system, the following kits have been curated to feature an array of sensors and devices from the comprehensive portfolio of Zooz solutions, each centrally operated by the Z-Box Hub.

Z-Box Security Kit

This kit empowers users to build a DIY security system at their own pace. Featuring a powerful online interface and intuitive hub, this kit comes with two Zooz Z-Wave Plus XS open/close sensors, one Zooz Z-Wave Plus motion sensor, and one Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range DC signal sensor that acts as a smart bridge to analog smoke and CO detectors. Beyond the included Zooz devices, users can add additional Z-Wave certified devices from different brands to help them cover more security and automation scenarios. As an added unique feature, the DIY alarm panel in the Z-Box Hub comes with a virtual keypad that mimics traditional alarm systems. Users also have the choice to run the entire system offline and locally or connect to the cloud for expanded functionality, without contracts or subscription fees. The Z-Box Security Kit is available now for a sale price of $169.95.

Z-Box Flood/Water Protection Kit 

A smart flood/water protection system can be the difference between thousands of dollars in water damage and a safe, secure home. This kit empowers users to safeguard their home against water damage with reliable, Z-Wave backed technology and includes one Zooz Z-Wave Plus Titan water valve actuator and two Zooz Z-Wave Plus water leak sensors. When deployed in conjunction with the included water sensors, the powerful Titan valve actuator is a retrofit solution that does not require any tools for installation and can be used to shut off the water valve if water is detected. The kit also includes a wired leak probe that allows the Titan to protect the area around it even without any wireless connectivity. The Zooz Flood/Water Protection Kit is available now for a sale price of $279.80.

Z-Box Smart Garage Door Kit

Having a smart garage door system is incredibly convenient and provides additional peace of mind. With this kit, users can monitor and control the garage door from anywhere, receive notifications if the door is open at the wrong time of day or night, and close the door with the touch of a button on a smartphone. This kit includes one Zooz Z-Wave Plus Multi-Relay, which can automate up to three garage gates, as well as two Zooz Z-Wave Plus XS tilt/shock sensors which can be deployed to instantly upgrade nearly any garage door and controller combination and make it smart. With the Z-Box Hub, users can create automations that simultaneously simplify and secure home access every day. The Zooz Smart Garage Door Kit is available now for a sale price of $158.80.

While each of the Zooz smart home kits has been designed to provide customers with a hurdle-free entry to the realm of smart home connectivity and control, they can also be upgraded and enhanced along the way. As a Z-Wave controller, the Z-Box Hub works with the full portfolio of Zooz devices but also features interoperability with any certified Z-Wave device within the growing ecosystem of over 4200 devices. This certified interoperability enables users to choose and enroll any Z-Wave device, regardless of manufacturer or silicon generation, further empowering them to build their smart home system on their terms.

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Zooz is the direct answer to years of working hand-in-hand with smart home users and listening intently to their needs. Created by the team at The Smartest House, one of the most popular smart home e-tailers around, Zooz devices are purposely engineered and inspired by user feedback. Dedicated to building smart tech together, Zooz creates and provides reliable, affordable, and easy to use smart home devices built on Z-Wave, the leading smart home-centric protocol.

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