Caster Communications is a modern public relations, marketing and social media agency that specializes in helping electronics and technology clients expand their global reach.

We’re smart. Nimble. Driven by strategy. And absolutely committed to making a real difference in our clients’ business.


ready to shine?

You work ridiculously hard on your business. Days. Nights. During dinner. At your kid’s soccer game. And you’re proud of the company you built. You know that once people discover—or rediscover—you, they’ll love you. But today, even for the most innovative companies, it’s almost impossible to figure out how to break through the clutter to get your brand known. (How many tweets did you miss in just the last hour?) Unless you have a super-savvy, make-it-happen-no-matter-what wingman. That’s us.

small, but mighty.

At Caster, we believe you don’t have to be big to go big. That goes for our clients, and it goes for us, too. We run a lean-and-mean agency that’s intentionally selective about our client roster to make sure you’ll get the undivided attention of one of our powerhouse pros. And if you’re already big, we can help you get bigger (and better).

hello world.

We don’t just pitch stories and hope for the best. We find the fresh angles we know our media friends crave. We create meaningful events where you’ll be heard above the noise. We connect with your tribe in social media and convert them to evangelists who will sing your praises far and wide. We believe you’re ready for greatness. And we can’t wait to help you shine.


The variety of services we offer is wide, but we’re dedicated to a narrow and dynamic niche — technology, consumer electronics, audio & video and mobile. We’ve been working in these industries for a long time, so we know them inside and out (our clients love that).


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  • " We don’t just get you press.
    We tell the stories that will make you relevant. "
    Kimberly Lancaster, owner + president caster communications

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