We think big because our clients do.

Getting ready to enter the market, thinking about expanding to new markets or need to rebrand in your existing market? Our senior team brings C-level strategists to the table, guiding you with one on one support as you build, plan and grow. With unparalleled business acumen, expertise in modern communications and experience working with companies at every stage of life, Caster’s seasoned professionals can work quickly and efficiently. Before you hire an entire team or launch your offering, talk to us. 

After over 20 years working with tech companies of every shape and size, we’ve seen it all – and we’re pretty great at helping you make the right decisions.

Our extraordinary alchemy of talent and experience will help you understand what it takes to build a great brand. Maybe you’re not ready for a full PR push but need the right guidance to avoid missteps and set yourself up for success. Companies that think about the long game even before they’ve begun will come out on top in the end. We are right-sized to provide you the one-on-one strategic consulting to navigate the world of launch, acquisition, funding, crisis, and more.

Whether you’re launching a seed-round startup from the ground up or taking your large private or public organization to new markets, you can consider us part of your team.

We’re here to be your super-savvy,

make-it-happen-no-matter-what wingman.

Go-to-market strategy.

Ready to emerge from stealth? We’ve worked with companies small and large to develop not only a plan for PR, but a larger, strategic approach integrated with marketing, to garner the most momentum possible.

Seed to sale.

The tech world is built on seed and series rounds that lead to mergers and acquisitions and sometimes an IPO. From seed to sale, the journey of who you talk to and the media who understand your story will determine who pays attention. M+A drives media attention, but it works both ways, too. You can’t be a tech darling if no one knows your name.

What We Do

Public Relations

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