Why You Should Keep Your Social Media Pages Fresh

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For business owners, social media is one of the most efficient and impactful ways to communicate with your target audience. But it’s not enough to simply have a social media account—to truly better your business, you also need to maintain consistent activity and engagement on your social media platforms.

Here’s why you should keep your social media pages fresh and updated:

It builds brand awareness

It may seem obvious but people won’t know about your business if they can’t see it.

If your social media accounts are barren and inactive, it will be much harder for potential customers and other industry professionals to notice you. But if you maintain a continuous stream of relevant, informative posts that are useful to your target audience and use relevant hashtags,  you will see your follower base grow.

It maintains a dialogue with your current audience

Keeping your social media accounts active helps you stand out to new, potential customers, but it also helps you to maintain a dialogue with your current audience.

Even though the work may be done, you don’t want to end your relationship with former customers. Hold their attention and preserve a line of communication by maintaining a daily or weekly presence in their social feeds.

But remember: As you push new content, always make sure it’s relevant to your audience. Stick to a schedule of 80 percent informative posts and only 20 percent self-promotional content.

It improves your website’s rankings

At the end of the day, all your marketing efforts are about generating more traffic to your business’s website. Social media can greatly increase your website’s traffic by improving its ranking.

You probably already know that search engines use an algorithm to rank websites. But did you know that social media plays a huge role in those algorithms? The more active your social media accounts are and the more social signals (i.e. social visibility, such as shares and likes) you have, the more highly search engines will rank your website. And a highly positioned website is crucial to increasing traffic to your website.

What happens when you don’t update your social media?

Letting your social media accounts sit idle doesn’t help your business grow and it can actually actively hurt your business.

This is because empty social media platforms bruise your business’s credibility. Have you ever searched for a business online and found, well, nothing? Dead or non-existent social media accounts, old or broken websites, and a lack of pertinent information (like hours and addresses) make your business look outdated, or, worse, out of business.

To preserve your business’s credibility and to display a strong online presence, do a monthly sweep for outdated information and update your social media pages regularly.

Tips for keeping your social media up to date

Even when you know it’s important to keep your business’s social media pages up to date, it can be hard to find the time.

To streamline your social media routine, first consider if you have any unnecessary accounts open. There are a lot of different social media platforms, and your business may not have to be on all them. Find out whether your business is best suited for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or others here.

Next, get ahead of the curve by scheduling your social content in advance with a third-party application, like TweetDeck or Sprout. Try scheduling content for your business’s social media pages at least a week in advance. Then, you can just hop online for a few minutes a day to focus on active engagement or to add news as it comes.

Social media is paramount to your business’s development, but when work becomes busy, it can often end up falling through the cracks.

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Have more questions about your social media best-practices? Reach out to me on Twitter to @merryshoebell.



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