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CES prep starts now

CES Prep Starts Now

If you’ve visited any physical retail location recently, you may have already fallen victim to the phenomenon known as “Christmas Creep.” This “holiday hurry up” experience is best summarized as seeing twinkle lights, wreaths and inflatable Santa yard décor hit the shelves before spooky season has even had a chance to start. While retail locations […]

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LinkedIn Algorithm Update: A Guide for Companies (2023)

With 950 million LinkedIn members as of July 2023, the number of posts have grown 41 percent in the past two years. This summer, the LinkedIn algorithm update marked a significant shift in how content is prioritized and displayed on the platform. These changes aim to foster meaningful interactions, prioritize connections, and highlight expert advice […]

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How to Defuse a PR Crisis

At Caster, we have managed a fair share of PR crises over the years. With the right response, however, a crisis downgrades to an issue fast. We had the Kaleidescape account when the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA) filed its headline grabbing lawsuit against the hot start up. The DVD CCA, at the time, […]

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A header image for a blog post on accessibility for digital content. The image features a piece of paper with thumbtacks connecting a web, symbolizing unity and connection. A blue box contains text that reads, "Blog Post: Break Digital Barriers with These Content Accessibility Tips."

Break Digital Barriers with These Content Accessibility Tips

Working in PR, I spend a lot of time stepping into the shoes of different audiences. You should see the number of targets and personas I have scribbled out on sticky notes and plastered across my desk. After all, knowing your audience is the key to making content resonate. Right? Not necessarily. Consider these questions: […]

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Four Reasons Former Journalists Make Great PR People

For a generation, journalists stayed “in the game” until retirement. In fact, I used to joke that I would leave broadcasting when they pried the microphone out of my cold, dead hand.  These days, that’s the exception and not the rule. Therefore, many of us (hi there) end up as PR people, writing and pitching […]

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