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How Your Morning Music Choices Can Fire You Up For A Busy Day Of PR   Commuting to work can be a drag, especially if there aren’t any good songs on the radio. Psychologically, music is much more than just entertainment. Music can promote relaxation, boost energy, and even improve memory. Listening to upbeat music […]

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My Favorite Part of Being a PR Pro

At this point in my PR career, I have been asked, “So, what’s your favorite part about working in public relations?” plenty of times, and my answer to this day remains the same. Put simply, the fact that there is always something new to try coupled with the fact that no two days spent doing […]

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A Note From Hanna

In college, I had the dictionary definition of “public relations” memorized. Whenever anyone asked what I studied, I recited that definition—because quite frankly, without working experience, I wasn’t sure what public relations really was. I understood my coursework. I received high accolades and great feedback from my professors. For some reason, though, whenever I tried […]

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A Note From Megan, Caster Public Relations Assistant

A year ago, when asked about post-graduation plans, my answer was “working full-time as a real estate agent.” I was studying Public Relations at the University of Rhode Island, and I planned on using the communication skills I’d learned to cultivate my business. I was drawn to PR initially because it offered me several career […]

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If Working in PR is a Marathon, I‘ve Had a Pretty Great Start

It is my first month at Caster Communications, and I’m thrilled to be starting as a Public Relations Assistant. Finding a job in a pandemic proved to be much more difficult than I anticipated. When I got the call asking to join the Caster team, I felt total validation. After sending in applications, resumes, and […]

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