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Tech’s Diversity Issues Need Community-Based Solutions

The lack of diversity in STEM fields is a problem – not just for underrepresented communities, but for the industry itself.  Homogenous groups of scientists do less influential science. Less diverse design teams are less creative. The unconscious bias of coders becomes the unconscious bias of code: which in turn, becomes a PR nightmare for […]

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Beyond the Building: Welcoming Fresh Ideas from Across the Country

During the 22 years Caster has been in business, Kimberly Lancaster, president and founder, was fairly resistant to the idea of operating with a large-scale remote team. Being a team big on culture and a hands-on work environment, a distributed work force disrupted the belief system Caster held dearly. With the hiring of our Toronto-based […]

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A Message from Robert

My favorite movie of 2020 was the silver screen adaptation of Cats. You read that correctly. CATS. Cats is as hilarious as it is haunting. Simultaneously the best and worst movie I have ever seen, Cats was the greatest in-theater experience of my life, and as soon as I returned home I wrote 1,500 words […]

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Stepping into my New Role at Caster

I remember my first CEDIA Expo incredibly clearly. It was the final year in Atlanta, and I was just a few months into my job with CEDIA, my very first professional job out of college. I was in awe that this company would pay to send me to this show. Little did I know that […]

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Reflecting on my First Year at Caster!

Four hundred days ago today, I started my career at Caster, and the world of tech PR became my life overnight. My introduction to the industry was a baptism by fire, as I kicked off my career during CEDIA Expo season and witnessed firsthand all the hustle and bustle that comes with supporting clients through […]

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