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Completing the PR Puzzle – How Smart Advertising Leads to Next Level PR

If you follow the Caster blog, you should already know how important a good PR strategy is to your brand’s success. If not, let me give you a quick rundown on why PR matters. Public Relations is all about communicating the right messages about your brand to the right people (potential and existing customers, business […]

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Picking Up the Phone in Public Relations: Yes, It Can Still Be Relevant

As we call ourselves in the Twitter-verse, we “#PRPros” spend most of our days stationed behind a wall of monitors, furiously tapping away on our keyboards as we write press releases and pitches, build media lists, and plan social media campaigns. These moments of fervently focused silence are (all too frequently) alleviated by hour-long calls, […]

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No Business Is Too Small to Make Headlines with Case Studies

In a crowded media landscape, case studies capture an editor’s attention. Caster writes case studies for many of our clients, pitching them for placement, using them to showcase work on client websites, and using them to book interviews on the topic – and our clients’ marketing teams continue to see momentum in campaigns and on […]

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My First Trade Show As a PR Assistant

On my first day as an intern at Caster I was exposed to what I now know as the hectic time of trade shows. CES was my first experience in the office during a trade show until this past September, when I was part of my first CEDIA Expo. Working with multiple clients and just […]

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Five Tips for Building a More Engaging Newsletter

Last week, I was lamenting to a friend about the amount of marketing and promotional email lists I’m subscribed to through stores I frequent, places I’ve ordered from once, or even lists that I’m still unsure of how I got on. Each day, I clear at least 150 marketing emails across both my personal and […]

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