Author: Kayla Bortak

Why One-Off PR isn’t Effective

When I talk to people about public relations, occasionally I get Veruca Salt vibes. Do you remember the little girl from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory who obstinately declared: “Don’t care how, I want it now!”? This is how I feel about one-off public relations in place of what should be a carefully crafted, long-term […]

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Kayla's Blog

Can You Handle The Truth? Your Company Isn’t Ready For PR

We believe – deeply – in the power of public relations, but, there’s an elephant in the room: not every company is ready for a PR Agency.  There we said it.  Many people think that marketing and public relations are one and the same (seriously, my favorite party topic). If you’re actually going to pay […]

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Kayla Bortak, Account Supervisor

Welcome Kayla, Caster’s New Account Supervisor

Welcome to Caster, Kayla!   That’s me. I’m Kayla. And yes, I’m welcoming myself! Though, after a month(ish) of baptism by fire into the Caster Crew’s tight-knit team, I certainly feel welcomed. From more than 1,300 miles away, the Caster team has me off to, what I feel is, a smashing good (and busy) start. Now […]

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