Author: Kimberly Lancaster

PR issue or crisis: How you act might define what it is.

At Caster, we have managed a fair share of PR crises over the years. But is crisis always the right word? We had the Kaleidescape account when the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA) filed its headline grabbing lawsuit against the hot start up. The DVD CCA, at the time, was an association controlled by […]

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Instagram Expectations, LinkedIn Realities: Gen Z at Work

Gen Z is moving the goalposts for workplace culture: demanding more flexibility, focusing more on work-life balance, seeking different kinds of satisfaction from their jobs, and quitting fast if their current role falls short. Many media observers report on this behavior, even praise it, without pausing to critically evaluate whether it’s good. Insider writes: “Because […]

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Reflecting on CEDIA Expo

Reflecting on CEDIA Expo 2021

I am one of the attendees of CEDIA Expo 2021. Having attended Expo nearly every year since 1993, I have a lot of perspectives on this show. I came home from Expo in 2001 and woke up to what would become known as 9/11. I watched the show come back from that and grow year-over-year […]

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So, You Think You Want to Have a Digital Photoshoot?

First, a few things. Photoshoots can be a significant investment for the client. Five-figure photoshoots used to mean a Caster person would be onsite. We’d spend days watching a photographer shoot the same shot over and over. The benefit? Easy. In real-time, we’d get the chance to say, “That background conflicts with their brand colors,” […]

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Crestron Flex-R Series

The Future of Work Looks Different for All of Us

Work from anywhere is trending. As a person who really, really likes the office, I found the shift to remote work really tough. In my office, which was designed by me for me, and where I have typed, pitched, chatted, fretted, strategized, and vented for 20 years, working anywhere doesn’t resonate. But I know I […]

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