The Future of Work Looks Different for All of Us

Work from anywhere is trending.

As a person who really, really likes the office, I found the shift to remote work really tough. In my office, which was designed by me for me, and where I have typed, pitched, chatted, fretted, strategized, and vented for 20 years, working anywhere doesn’t resonate. But I know I am in a very tiny portion of the work Venn diagram.

It’s also made one of my latest work projects really interesting. Having just started working with Crestron Electronics on their residential business, our team launched the company’s first #workfromhome product in June. Crestron might not be the first residential video conferencing brand you think of; however, the company has been a mainstay in corporate enterprise automation for decades. What they’re lauded for in creating the premium home automation market has been in corporate environments for nearly fifty years, and UC has become a core portion of their commercial business over the past decade. #themoreyouknow

We set up the Crestron team to chat about what the #futureofwork will look like with market analyst Mark Vena. The dramatic shift to working from home is going to look easy compared to what returning to our workspaces will look like. Caster started a return to the office mid-June, and our agency is in a 4400sq/foot three-level building with an 800 sq/ft conference room (which can still take 8 people right now), two smaller meeting spaces, plus 4 bathrooms, 5 single offices, and a an open-air courtyard all in Wakefield, RI, and we struggled with all of the changes we had to address across our building. I know firsthand the challenges of migrating a team back to the office to nurture our culture, communication, and collaboration without sacrificing anyone’s health, wellness, or even their sanity.

You could certainly say the future of work is in Crestron’s DNA and they’re proving it with new technology solutions wherever that work may take you. Check out Vena’s article in Forbes.

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Kimberly Lancaster


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