Author: Lexie Gardiner

Dive Into These Social Trends to Shape Your 2024 Strategy

Every November, I get pumped up to dive into the biggest anticipations for social media in the new year. This year, though, predicting what’s coming next for social media feels a tad like diving into a cloudy, troll-infested pool from a 50-meter platform. 2023 was one of the rockiest I’ve experienced in my seven-year social […]

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A header image for a blog post on accessibility for digital content. The image features a piece of paper with thumbtacks connecting a web, symbolizing unity and connection. A blue box contains text that reads, "Blog Post: Break Digital Barriers with These Content Accessibility Tips."

Break Digital Barriers with These Content Accessibility Tips

Working in PR, I spend a lot of time stepping into the shoes of different audiences. You should see the number of targets and personas I have scribbled out on sticky notes and plastered across my desk. After all, knowing your audience is the key to making content resonate. Right? Not necessarily. Consider these questions: […]

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Media Fatigue Is Real. Can PR Practitioners Help?

The release of the 2023 Reuters Institute Digital News Report from The University of Oxford piqued the interest of our team this month. The executive summary reveals that 72% of publishers are concerned over news avoidance in 2023, which hit an all-time high this year while engagement dipped across outlets and platforms. Social media, news […]

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The PESO Model Collapsed the Communications Silo (For the Best)

Fun fact: I work in PR and content, but I have an identical twin sister that works in marketing and sales. Another fun fact: Twins are prone to comparison. People always look for ways to differentiate between two people with the same face. Due to this phenomenon, my sister and I fall into the “ultra-competitive” […]

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Getting Your Feet Wet in PR? Here Are Four Free Resources to Get You Started

If you’ve been noodling on the idea of adding a PR program to your business, you may have noticed that seasoned PR people don’t really like to give away secrets to success. It’s a competitive world out there – can you blame us? We spend years building relationships and bolstering our skills, cementing our reputation […]

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