Writing Your Brand Story Part I What, How, & Why

Writing Your Brand Story Part I: What, How, & Why

Traditional PR strategy and tactics­­, such as media outreach, thought leadership, and social media, can help you reach your target audience to contribute to brand recognition and business growth. But they will only be successful if you’ve first taken the time to define your brand story. What is your brand story, and how do you […]

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The Value of Industry Awards

As you focus on building your business’s online presence, managing social media is probably a top-of-the-list priority. But are you also spending enough time applying for industry awards? Awards are an extremely valuable part of your business’s online identity and can play a big role in helping your business build its media reach and customer […]

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How to Effectively Use your Listings

Business listing pages like Google Plus, can be a major referral source for some businesses and commonly rank high in search. For your business to effectively use these listings, it’s important the right information is displayed and your business has been positively reviewed by multiple people.

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