MYTH, Busted: ‘No News is Good News’

At Caster, we build programs to amplify our clients in the media and on social networks when they have news to share. We craft the message and put it in front of the right media to take it as far as it can go, and the news cycle can be a few days, or even stretch to a full year with topical interviews, follow ups, and product reviews.

But there are times when the pipeline runs dry, and no business should drop out of the news stream for more than a few weeks at a time. Staying in the conversation becomes more challenging when products are still in development or when there simply is so much work going on in the background that can’t be shared publicly, but a good PR program is proactive and equipped with case studies, byline articles, social media campaigns, speaking panels and presentations, awards, and more to stay relevant.

As an example of what PR success looks like, consider how autonomous vehicle Far-Infrared technology (FIR) pioneer AdaSky’s CEO Yakov Shaharabani discussed industry technology, as Mashable examined consumers’ fear for self-driving cars, even though its product had already launched and gone to market in 2017. Another example is how home automation provider Control4 highlighted the way its technology can enhance a historic home, with a case study about an installation in Chicago, in Kitchen & Bath Business magazine.

Our Laura Shubel discusses the negative impact of falling quiet in the news, and why the saying “No news is good news” is a myth. Read the full piece from PR Daily here:

Or reach out to her on Twitter or LinkedIn to chat on proactive PR and how we do it.

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