ChatGPT Won’t Replace Your PR Team

  The Caster team has been encouraged to try AI out in all of its various forms and to see where it does and doesn’t hit the mark. As folks working in the tech industry, it’s part of our job to keep tabs on the evolving role of tools that might help us or potentially […]

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Brand Launch Laundry List

The Brand Launch Laundry List

Our clients span the whole business lifecycle. At one end of the spectrum, we have category-making clients like Crestron and Hunter Douglas with established messaging, brand recognition, and well-understood technology. On the other end are fledgling startups with, well, none of those things. Many clients come to us in stealth mode for our seasoned expertise […]

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5 Ways PR Pros Can Use ChatGPT to Accelerate Their Work

PR pros in every single market need to pay attention to AI content generation tools. If you don’t figure out how to use them, you’re going to be replaced by them. No, not now. Tools like ChatGPT are a long way from being able to engage in media relations—but they are lot closer than I […]

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Let’s Get Technical: Embracing Specs in Tech PR

Caster’s clients run the gamut from multinational fortune 500 companies to stealth mode start-ups—just about the only thing they all have in common is a high incidence of engineering degrees in the C-Suite. With such a varied pool of clients, everything we do addresses a different audience, with widely varying level of technical expertise. We’re […]

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Incorrect Tech Predictions

An Autopsy of Incorrect Tech Predictions

But What if We’re Wrong?, a book by author and former New York Times Magazine essayist Chuck Klosterman, advocates for looking at the present as if it were the past. The impetus for such an exercise is that throughout history, humans have repeatedly had extreme confidence in beliefs, predictions, or “truisms” that time eventually proves […]

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