Beyond the Tweet: How to Leverage Twitter as a PR Tool

For many, Twitter is just another social platform – a way to share your thoughts with the world and quickly mention something that happened in your day, at work, in the news, etc.

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We can Tweet in 280 characters. Should we?

Does twice the length really equate two times the power? A new update on Twitter allows you to tweet double the original 140-character limit, leaving more room to share hashtags, links, photos, and commentary. Yet, is there a compelling reason to add more words? As Mark Twain said, “I didn’t have time to write a […]

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Should PR Pros Pitch Journalists Through Twitter DM’s?

By: Peter Girard It was fun, interesting, and insightful to turn the tables on some of Caster’s media friends and ask them a few questions.  Last week, Patrick Coffee, a writer for PRNewser, asked the question: Should PR Pitch Journalists on Twitter with Direct Messages? – in response to Twitter’s update which now allows Twitter […]

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