NanoLock Security

NanoLock Security protects IoT and connected edge devices against persistent cyberattacks by insiders¸ outsiders and supply chain attackers. NanoLock provides a device-level¸ Security by Design solution with powerful flash-to-cloud defense that secures the entire chain of device vulnerability–from deeply embedded endpoints in the device¸ to the cloud– with no additional device costs and zero computing power. NanoLock’s patented technology is securing a root-of-trust in the flash memory from leading memory vendors¸ disrupting edge device security with ironclad protection¸ secured firmware updates¸ reliable device-level alerts and a unique cost structure that shifts security investments from CAPEX to OPEX. NanoLock’s robust protection and device-level control is crucial to the success of industries like telecom¸ smart cities¸ utilities¸ industrial¸ automotive and more. NanoLock Security is the 2019 winner of the prestigious “4YFN Barcelona Startup of the Year” award.

NanoLock’s founding team and senior management is made up of veterans from the cybersecurity domain¸ representing a wealth of deep knowledge about management and security of next generation edge devices. NanoLock has offices in the United States¸ Israel and Japan.

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