Bystronic launches a new machine-level protection service against cyber-events and human error co-developed with NanoLock Security

The new machine-level service ensures laser and bending systems are even better protected against cyber-events. It will be available as an option within Bystronic’s well-established service offerings and delivers on Bystronic’s strategy to further expand its service business.

Niederönz, October 21, 2022 – Bystronic, a global leader of sheet metal processing systems, today announces the launch of a new machine-level cybersecurity service to ensure the operational integrity of sheet metal processing systems against cyber events and human errors. This cyber protection service has been co-developed with NanoLock Security specifically for Bystronic systems. The service will be available to Bystronic customers with current laser and bending machine models, as of early 2023, as an option within the well-established service packages of ByCare.

The new protection service safeguards the operational integrity of Bystronic machines by preventing unauthorized modifications to critical content, without impacting their performance and functionality. The solution prevents cyber events from external sources as well as trusted sources like negligence of employees and human errors.  Furthermore, we plan to offer periodic or on-request services for online monitoring and analysis.

Bystronic and NanoLock Security are further collaborating to develop the protection service also for Bystronic automation and legacy machines. NanoLock is a well-established, experienced provider for device-level cybersecurity solutions for industrial and critical infrastructure. The new protection service will be demonstrated during EuroBlech 2022 on October 25 -28.

Alberto Martínez, Chief Digital Officer at Bystronic says: “Bystronic has a strong commitment with their customers to deliver state-of-the-art solutions do digitalize their business. As Smart Factory solutions evolve, machines and systems will be more and more connected to the cloud, to software systems and to robots, automation, other machines. Cybersecurity is becoming a challenging matter, so we need to ensure our customers devices’ integrity. The solution we are presenting now should be the first step to help them in the strategy to protect their businesses from cyber events and human errors.”

Eran Fine, co-founder and CEO of NanoLock, adds: “Insider breaches on industrial machines – cyber events originating from users with access or employee human error or negligence – are on the rise. While we can’t predict when and where these events will take place, we can prevent them with a cyber solution that blocks device tampering, even from trusted sources. We are proud that Bystronic has chosen NanoLock as a partner to co-develop machine-level solutions to maintain the operational integrity of their smart machines – thereby ensuring business continuity for their customers and bringing new levels of security to the factory of the future.”