AVA Press Kit

AVA RX1 Black 3 floating units

AVA RX1 3 Floating Units

AVA RX1 Silver Beauty

AVA RX1 Silvery

AVA RX1 Black Red Cover Art on screen


AVA RX1 Black and Silver

AVA RX1 Black and Silver

AVA RX1 Black and Silver Trio

AVA RX1 Black and Silver Trio

AVA A1 Livestyle shot

AVA A1 Lifestyle Image

AVA A1 Stereo

AVA A1 Stero

AVA A1 Hero Image


AVA A1 Lifestyle Stereo

AVA A1 Lifestyle Stereo

AVA is a Swiss-American startup perfecting the fusion between audio streaming and home control experiences. Available exclusively to the professional residential installation channel, AVA creates home products that inspire enjoyment, improve quality of life, feel natural to use, and fit seamlessly into any living space. AVA believes the home is the best place for magical technology and has meticulously designed the AVA Streaming Audio System in collaboration with legendary Swiss audio engineers responsible for some of the industry’s most popular studio audio equipment. AVA has created the most advanced remote control in the world, unlocking powerful command over the most popular smart home systems and devices. AVA provides a premium experience with solutions purposely designed for, and completely supported by the professional residential installation channel.