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Tamir Pardo, Advisory Board Member, NanoLock Security - Headshot April 2022

Tamir Pardo, Advisory Board Member, NanoLock Security


NanoLock Security protects the operational integrity of connected devices and machines against cyber events and even human errors to maintain business continuity and safeguard revenues. NanoLock zero-trust, device-level prevention secures Industrial IoT and connected devices, including billions of devices that other technologies cannot protect, against outsiders, insiders and supply chain cyber events and even technician mistakes. The lifetime protection and management are mandatory to utilities and industrial companies that are looking to maintain the operational integrity of their connected devices, such as smart meters, EV chargers, industrial machines, and many more, against a wide range of cyberattacks. NanoLock is working with major utilities, industrial companies and large ecosystem partners in Japan, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, India, Singapore, US and Israel. Visit for more information and follow NanoLock on Twitter and LinkedIn.