Bystronic partners with NanoLock to co-develop cyber security solutions

Bystronic and NanoLock enter a partnership to jointly develop software solutions and protect systems against cyber attacks. This is a key building block for Bystronic’s smart factory vision and demonstrates the group’s dedication to pioneering new solutions for the sheet metal processing industry.

Zurich, April 12, 2022 – Bystronic today announces a partnership with NanoLock Security, a leading device-level cyber security provider, to co-develop state-of-the-art solutions for its sheet and tube metal cutting, bending and automation systems. Over the past years, Bystronic has successfully developed its own Smart Factory Software Suite together with the recently acquired company Kurago. The Smart Factory Software Suite digitizes all business processes and interconnects machines with all other customer processes.

To mitigate exposure of customer systems to potential cyber risks at these interconnections, Bystronic and NanoLock are developing new secure solutions to ensure that Bystronic smart machines are trustable data sources and also cyber secure devices. NanoLock is a well-established, experienced provider for device level cyber security solutions. The two companies will present their joint solution later this year at EuroBlech 2022.

Alberto Martínez, Chief Digital Officer at Bystronic says: “Our vision regarding the factory of the future is to give our customers the capability to manage their entire material and data flow. In the future, customers will connect their systems as devices to the cloud and for that reason, cyber security is of utmost importance. With the new partnership, we ensure peace of mind for our customers by covering all aspects for our customers’ smart factories.”


Eran Fine, co-founder and CEO of NanoLock, adds: “Smart factories must integrate strong machine-level protection against cyber security risks to ensure the operational integrity of their systems. Our machine-level solution brings trustworthy protection to industrial systems without having any impact on performance. We are proud to work with Bystronic and jointly develop secure solutions for their smart systems – thereby setting a benchmark for the entire industry.”

About NanoLock

NanoLock Security protects the operational integrity of connected devices and machines against cyber events and even human errors to maintain business continuity and safeguard revenues. NanoLock zero-trust, device-level prevention secures Industrial IoT and connected devices, including billions of devices that other technologies cannot protect, against outsiders, insiders and supply chain cyber events and even technician mistakes. The lifetime protection and management are mandatory to utilities and industrial companies that are looking to maintain the operational integrity of their connected devices, such as smart meters, EV chargers, industrial machines, and many more, against a wide range of cyberattacks. NanoLock is working with major utilities, industrial companies and large ecosystem partners in Japan, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, India, Singapore, US and Israel. Visit for more information and follow NanoLock on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Bystronic

Bystronic (SIX: BYS) is a leading global technology company in the field of sheet metal processing. The focus is on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the cutting and bending process chain. The intelligent networking of laser cutting systems and press brakes based on innovative automation, software, and service solutions is key to achieving the comprehensive digitalization of the sheet metal processing industry.

Bystronic’s operational headquarters are located in Niederönz, Switzerland. Additional development and production sites are located in Sulgen (Switzerland), Gotha (Germany), Cazzago San Martino and San Giuliano Milanese (Italy), Tianjin and Shenzhen (China), and Hoffman Estates (USA). We are active with our own sales and service companies in more than 30 countries and are represented by agents in numerous other countries.


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