Cybersecurity Innovator NanoLock Security is the Last Protection Standing

Nitzanei Oz, Israel – May 15, 2019 – NanoLock Security, the industry’s only cloud-to-flash, powerful security and management solution for IoT and connected edge devices, announces key milestones in 2019, showcasing the company’s continued growth and emergence into the IoT cybersecurity market across vertical industries like smart cities, infrastructure, automotive, and telecom. NanoLock aims to protect connected edge devices by embedding security into the flash memory of the device and extending it to the cloud. This approach is both processor and operating system agnostic and requires virtually zero processing power or additional energy. it also has a unique cost structure that eases the burden of security expenditures.

NanoLock’s recent milestones include:

  • Partnership announcements with 80 percent of the flash memory vendor market

Nanolock has quickly aggregated unprecedented partnerships with the world’s leading flash memory providers, including Winbond, Cypress, and Micron. Through these partnerships, NanoLock has penetrated 80 percent of the NOR flash memory market.

Cypress and NanoLock are working together to develop flash-based solutions that bring device-level security and control to the automotive and industrial domains, while NanoLock’s partnership with Micron brings together the company’s Authenta™ flash memory with NanoLock’s security platform for a wide array of IoT gateways in smart cities, automotive, and industrial.

Securing the flash memory is the most fundamental aspect of device-to-cloud security protection, because it can secure a device when all other methods fail. Through the partnerships with memory vendors, NanoLock secures seamless hardware root-of-trust that enables OEMs, telecom operators, system integrators, and device makers to ensure unprecedented protection, security, and control, while leveraging unique monetization opportunities.

  • Working with Thales in fast growing industries

NanoLock is also working with high-tech transportation, smart city and industrial vendor, Thales, and their impressive list of customers to provide ironclad IoT security and management for the smart city and beyond. With Thales’s IoT products implementing NanoLock’s revolutionary cloud-to-flash technology, smart cities, cars, and factories of the future are kept safe from security risks that have the potential to shut down and disrupt crucial applications, such as infrastructure or public safety.

  • Providing industry thought-leadership at key market vertical trade shows

This year, NanoLock has prioritized speaking and demonstrating at industry events that span an array of market verticals and focuses.

Today, NanoLock will present on a panel at the Department of Energy DOE Conference in Denver, Colorado. NanoLock’s CTO, Nitzan Daube will speak about Israel’s cyber innovation.

At Viva Technology, May 16-18 in Paris, France, NanoLock will co-exhibit with customer Thales in their booth (Autres, Stand D31-014) and will also present a use-case of NanoLock’s technology at work in a mock smart city setting, using a connected camera to demonstrate the benefits of the cloud-to-flash approach.

NanoLock will be attending three Ecomotion events starting with speaking engagements on May 13 in London and May 15 in Paris, and then on June 10-13 in Tel Aviv, Israel, NanoLock will exhibit at  EcoMotion 2019, showcasing how NanoLock’s cloud-to-flash solution protects automotive ECUs.

At escar USA, June 12-13 in Detroit, Michigan, NanoLock will present alongside partner Micron to discuss cybersecurity in the automotive ECU, the unique challenges associated with protecting it, and how automakers can enhance their threat intelligence and protection with a new approach to security.

  • Winning the Mobile World Congress 2019 4YFN Startup of the Year award

NanoLock was awarded winner of the 4YFN (Four Years from Now) startup event at this year’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, where over 760 participating companies and 23,000 attendees convened. Competing against four other startup finalists, NanoLock was selected for its innovative cloud-to-flash protection and control approach that seeks to solve the growing issue of connected edge device security for growing markets and applications. NanoLock impressed the judges by hacking a security camera live on stage to demonstrate how vulnerable the gadgets can be–and then show how NanoLock’s flash-to-cloud approach can provide the solution.

  • Releasing new feature for Management of Things™ (MoT) 

NanoLock’s MoT solution controls and manages connected edge devices and includes robust features for monitoring device security, version management, attack discovery, and reliable alerts. The MoT creates a secure tunnel from the hardware root of trust to the cloud to prevent cyber-attack related downtime and its associated costs. NanoLock’s MoT can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, or it can be integrated into a customer’s own security management platform.

This year is already our busiest yet, and we’re excited about all of the opportunities circulating for NanoLock currently,” said Yoni Kahana, VP Customers for NanoLock. “We’ve been growing quickly because we are solving a massive problem: The number of connected edge devices on the network is expanding rapidly, and today’s security solutions don’t prevent cyberattacks that circulate through the entire chain of IoT system vulnerability. From deeply embedded endpoints to the cloud and up into the enterprise management layer, our mission is to keep the future of the IoT and connected devices safe.”

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