Former Mossad Director Tamir Pardo Joins NanoLock Security Advisory Board as The Company Scales into New Sectors

The Director of Israel’s National Intelligence Agency from 2011 to 2016, Pardo says NanoLock could be the protection against tomorrow’s cyber warfare

Hod Hasharon, Israel – May 9, 2022 – NanoLock Security, a leading zero trust device-level cybersecurity provider, today announces the addition of Tamir Pardo, former director of Israel’s national intelligence agency Mossad, to the NanoLock Advisory Board.

As the only company providing zero trust, device-level protection for IIoT endpoints that prevents cyber events from outsider, insider, supply chain, and human error sources, NanoLock aligns smartly with Mr. Pardo’s veteran view of the cyberthreat landscape, and he will be instrumental in fueling continued growth in the US, Europe, and Japan, where the company has recently signed deals with major new customers.

“Cyberattacks are incredibly dangerous because you can destroy infrastructure for a very cheap price without a single bullet or rocket,” said Mr. Pardo, “which is why it’s so crucial we develop solutions that comprehensively blocks the hackers from executing their desired actions, with any possible attack vector. That’s exactly what NanoLock does.  I look forward to helping NanoLock scale their device-level solution so global critical infrastructures are safe from compromise.”

“The future of warfare is cyber, and it’s already here,” said Eran Fine, CEO and Co-founder of NanoLock. “With his decades of intelligence and cybersecurity experience, Mr. Pardo will add immense value to our advisory board as we prepare our customers for the worsening cyber chaos.”