Strategic Distribution Agreement Between NessPRO And NanoLock Security

NessPro will distribute NanoLock’s unique technology for securing IoT and connected edge devices. 

August 6, 2019 — NessPRO, the software division of Ness, signed a strategic distribution agreement with NanoLock Security and have already started distributing NanoLock’s unique technology for protecting and managing IoT and connected edge devices. NanoLock’s solution secures a wide variety of connected edge devices, such as smart meters (electricity, water and more), security cameras, traffic lights, routers, smart public transportation, critical infrastructure devices, and many more. 

IoT and connected edge devices are the weakest link in the enterprise and public chain of defense, and as such they are a prime target for persistent cyber-attacks, such as ransomware, distributed denialof-service (DDoS) etc. Nanolock‘s technology prevents such attacks by creating a hardware root-of-trust in the flash memory of leading memory vendors, which is agnostic to the processor and operating systemblocking any modification of critical code, while enabling over-the-air firmware upgrades from secured servers.  

NanoLock detects and alerts on attacks in real-time, providing reliable data for monitoring and identifying critical patterns and anomalies. This powerful protection blocks cyber-attacks on the devices and their critical applications.  

With NanoLock, IoT and connected edge devices are protected from network and cloud cased attacks as well as internal attacks, even if the attacker has physical access to the device. NanoLock’s lightweight solution requires zero power and processing resources and has no memory constraints nor latency or any effect on device performance. NanoLock enables tight management and control over the IoT and connected edge device network as well as reliable, overtheair firmware upgrade. 

Nanolock Security won the 2019 4YFN Barcelona Startup of the Year competition in the Mobile World Congress (MMC)Barcelona, awarded by GSMA association.  

“We are thrilled to cooperate with NessPRO to provide powerful protection to connected edge devices. We believe that securing the flash memory is a critical path in IoT defense, because it continues to protect the critical code after all other methods fail,” said Yoni Kahana, VP Customers, NanoLock Security.  

“The agreement with NanoLock is an important milestone for NessPRO, signaling our entrance to IoT device protection era, in addition to our long-time activity in the IT systems protection domain, where we offer leading cyber defense products.” Said Dedi DvorskyNessPRO CEO. “Whether it is smart cities, critical national infrastructure, smart meters or any other IoT related areas, securing these devices is crucial, and we are committed to provide a leading solution in this domain as well.” 

“IoT usage is rapidly expanding, attracting increasing threats from the internet or from malware injection.” Said Elad Alter, ESM Solutions Department Manager at NessPRO. NanoLocks’ technology ensures protection and secured management of IoT devices, starting from the production phase and throughout the operation period, without performance hit”. 

 About NanoLock Security  

NanoLock Security provides the industry’s only cloud-to-flash defense for connected edge devices. NanoLock creates a powerful solution that secures the entire chain of connected devices vulnerability—from deeply embedded endpoints in the device, to the cloud, with no additional costs or computing power. Securing a HW-root of trust, NanoLock is disrupting edge device security with hermetic protection, secured firmware updates, and a unique cost structure that shifts security investments from CAPEX to OPEX. NanoLock’s solution provides tremendous savings in cyber spending through robust protection and tight control of the entire connected edge network that is crucial to the success of industries like telecom, smart cities, automotive. 

NanoLock’s founding team and senior management are made up of veterans from the cybersecurity domain, representing a wealth of deep knowledge about management and security of next generation edge devices. NanoLock has offices in the US, Israel, and Tokyo.  

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About NessPRO 

NessPRO is the software distribution arm of Ness Technologies and the Israeli representative of over 30 international and Israeli companies that develop software for the enterprise market. The group is active in the Israeli market for more than 40 years and serves hundreds of customers. In addition to selling software products in various business models, NessPRO specializes in integration, marketing, service, training and maintenance of these products.  

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