Teltonika cooperates with NanoLock Security for Powerful Router Cyber Defense

NanoLock’s ironclad protection secures Teltonika’s RUT955 router from persistent cyber-attacks such as malware and ransom attacks.

Nitzanei Oz, Israel and Vilnius, Lithuania – July 30, 2019 – NanoLock Security, the industry’s only cloud-to-flash, powerful security and management solution for Internet of Things (IoT) and connected edge devices, is pleased to announce that Teltonika, a leading manufacturer of IoT connectivity solutions, has partnered with NanoLock Security to provide additional optional security layer for its RUT955 professional cellular router. Teltonika’s routers are often deployed in remote locations in the public domain and are recognized by the market as highly secure devices. However, as more and more critical infrastructure gets connected into unified systems, security threats become increasingly relevant, therefore, require strong protection from internal and external cyberattacks. To achieve this high level of security, Teltonika has cooperated with NanoLock’s revolutionary cloud-to-flash technology to implement an optional additional security layer.

NanoLock Security provides cloud-to-flash protection for IoT and connected devices, such as routers, blocking access to firmware, boot images and critical code through a hardware-root-of trust in the flash memory. This approach places the root of trust in the flash memory of devices, effectively securing connected edge devices from persistent attacks such as VPNfilter and enabling trustworthy remote management and control of devices. NanoLock protects and monitors connected edge devices from the moment they are created on a factory floor. Through secure, over-the-air (OTA) upgrades, NanoLock protection continues when the devices are in operation and exposed to vulnerabilities, extending monitoring and protection throughout the device’s entire lifecycle. This approach is both processor and operating system agnostic and requires virtually zero processing power or additional energy.

“Security has always been one of the main focus areas for our product development here at Teltonika. We are very happy that the industry recognized this by choosing Teltonika Networking devices to be used in many security sensitive critical infrastructure projects . Now, we are thrilled to offer our partners even more security with NanoLock. We chose to work with NanoLock Security because we want to guarantee that our RUT955 delivers not only high performance, mission-critical cellular communication for IoT applications but also ironclad cyber protection, in the most demanding applications where it is needed,” said Mindaugas Navickas, Head of Operational Marketing, Teltonika. “NanoLock’s solution to secure the router from within the flash memory of the device allows us to protect Teltonika customer’s devices and data even if the processor, software or network are hacked.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Teltonika. Together we can deliver this protection to industrial IoT customers in an industry leading device. In order to reliably secure the IoT, it is necessary for the industry to identify an end-to-end solution that secures the entire chain of vulnerability. We believe that securing the flash memory is the most fundamental aspect because it can protect a device when all other methods fail,”  said Yoni Kahana, VP Customers, NanoLock Security.

Through partnerships with the leading memory vendors, NanoLock secures seamless hardware root-of-trust that enables telecom operators, system integrators, OEMs, and device makers to ensure unprecedented protection, security, and control, while leveraging unique monetization opportunities.

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About NanoLock Security
NanoLock Security provides the industry’s only cloud-to-flash defense for connected edge devices. NanoLock creates a powerful solution that secures the entire chain of connected devices vulnerability—from deeply embedded endpoints in the device, to the cloud, with no additional costs or computing power. Securing a HW-root of trust, NanoLock is disrupting edge device security with hermetic protection, secured firmware updates, and a unique cost structure that shifts security investments from CAPEX to OPEX. NanoLock’s solution provides tremendous savings in cyber spending through robust protection and tight control of the entire connected edge network that is crucial to the success of industries like telecom, smart cities, automotive.

NanoLock’s founding team and senior management are made up of veterans from the cybersecurity domain, representing a wealth of deep knowledge about management and security of next generation edge devices. NanoLock has offices in the US, Israel, and Tokyo. Please visit for more information and follow NanoLock on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Teltonika
Teltonika is a leading European developer and manufacturer of Networking devices for Industrial, IoT and M2M applications. Its comprehensive portfolio of cellular 4G LTE routers and gateways provide mission-critical connectivity and remote access to hundreds of thousands of devices all over the globe. Reliability, security and ease-of-use are the core focus areas of Teltonika allowing to provide disruptive and highly demanded connectivity solutions to even the most challenging situations. Learn more about Teltonika at